Avoid substance abuse, Shegun Olagundoye counsels youths

A United States of America, USA, based healthcare facility entrepreneur and the Chief Executive Officer, of Kinghaven Counseling Group, Inc, Chief Shegun Olagundoye, has counseled Nigerian youth to shun substance abuse in order to live a decent life and to avoid costly medical treatment that illicit drugs intake often result to.

“We need to consistently counsel our youth both at home and in the Diaspora to live illicit drugs free life. They need to shun substance abuse. They should resist the peer pressure that will ultimately turn them to addicts and then derail their dreams. Some of these drugs are so highly addictive, that one gets hooked after first try,” Olagundoye said during a recent online chat with some Nigerian journalists.

Along with other companies, Olagundoye runs Kinghaven Counseling Group, a healthcare facility based in Houston, Texas with about 100 staff in his companies and the second largest privately owned outpatient Mental Health Counseling organization in Houston.

Kinghaven counseling treats a large population of patients with various degrees of mental health across all ages and races.

“The best thing that can happen to a young person is to be free of these illicit drugs. It’s better not to start at all. Our experience as a Mental Health facility has taught us that we should ensure that a youngster does not start doing drugs at all, rather than counseling him out of it,” Chief Olagundoye said.

On his plan for Nigerian youth at home, Chief Olagundoye said: “Our plan is to extend our services to Nigeria in the near future working with existing Mental Health facilities here. We need all our youths, including those who are already addicted to illicit drugs, we need to bring them back to their normal life, we need to restore them to total health. Kinghaven Counseling Group will want to contribute to such worthy endeavor in the near future.”
Kinghaven Counseling offers Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) designed specifically to meet the needs of working adults and adolescents in schools. The programs are designed for after work and after school treatment in a group setting.

The Counseling outfit has a team of addiction specialists including psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, Psychologists, drug and alcohol counselors, all working together to develop an individualized, holistic, strength based, mind, body and spirit program to ensure lifelong sobriety.

Their team of mental healthcare experts work closely with patients and their families in confidential settings to provide the corrective diagnose and appropriate medications for patients’ recovery process and mental wellness.

Other programmes and services at Kinghaven are: Adult Behavioral Healthcare, Medication Management and Senior Citizens Care.

Olagundoye said his aspiration is to profoundly and positively affect the lives of the youth and work at ensuring that they live a healthy, fulfilled and rewarding life.