Auto Gele: The revolution of the traditional head tie

TRADITIONAL Owambe is never complete without a stylish, fashionable gele that goes alongside the colourful fabrics that have become an Owambe staple; the ugly part is that not everyone can tie the gele with the skills it requires. In time past, this has led to a tone-down of the fashion statement that the stylish gele would have made when accompanied with the right attire. On the flip side, several ladies will pay stylists just to help them tie their gele.

Auto gele seeks to reconcile these differences, everyone is entitled to a stylish gele and that is what the auto gele is all about. You no longer have to spend hours sitting in front of the mirror all because you want to try out new gele styles. In minutes, you can have the perfect gele all with auto gele.

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Here is a simple trick, you can easily convert your unused gele into an auto gele. There are people who are skilled in making these auto gele. Generally, autogele presents a one size fits all gele style for everyone and now you don’t even have to bother with knowing how to tie the gele properly. The gele is already custom made and all you just have to do is tie it and you are good to go. The stress of tying gele and styling goes out of the window and you can just enjoy the party ahead of you.

The fashion rules governing auto gele is just the same as that of the traditional gele. Once you tie your auto gele, you are good to go.