At 61, Nigeria isn’t a toddler, do your constitutional duties, SSANU tells political office holders

The Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) has lambasted political office holders and politicians for focusing on grabbing and keeping political powers, while the citizens are languishing in abject poverty and suffering immeasurably by the height of insecurity that ravages the country.

SSANU, therefore, asked political office holders (the President, Senate President, Speaker etc) to re-invent themselves, leave their selfish interest and do their constitutional duties of providing security and basic needs for the citizens.

As stated in its Independence message signed by its National President Comrade Mohammed H. Ibrahim, the Union said; “How could it be that our children are no longer safe in our schools because of incessant kidnapping and killings, yet those that it falls on their shoulders to take actions are busy politicking.

“How could it be that prices of food and other commodities are skyrocketing every day in the country and citizens are going to bed without food, yet our leaders and political leaders have not shown any concern.

“It is, therefore, pertinent to state that the current difficult situation Nigeria/Nigerians are facing is evidently all man-made, therefore it’s surmountable.

“The level of disconnect between the political class, and the masses is quite disheartening. It is glaring that most members of the political class are only busy pursuing political power and have forgotten the social contract they signed with the citizens.

“This has become evident by the monstrous insecurity that is ravaging Nigeria. Free movement of people, goods and services have become almost impossible due to insecurity and the deplorable nature of our highways, yet the most trending topic for our political leaders from the south to the north is 2023 elections.”

The statement further said; “It’s, therefore, time for government at all levels to sit-up and squarely face its constitutional responsibilities of protecting and providing basic needs of Nigerians.

Those we elected and gave the power to lead our country must find solutions to our problems and bring development to our communities.

Politicians must re-invent themselves and be true countrymen who strive and work for the common good of the country and its citizens. Nigeria’s own case must not be different from what other developed countries are doing.”

On the incessant industrial crisis bedevilling the labour sector, hampering development, productivity and progress, SSANU said; “It’s time for the government to jettison the old attitude of reneging the fulfilment of agreements it entered into with unions in the labour sector for a change.

“Nigeria is now 61 years of age, meaning that she is no longer a toddler therefore, those who pilot its affairs must act mature as well. I call on the government to forthwith be honest in dealing with labour unions for the sake of the progress of our dear country.

“Labour unions want nothing but the common good of Nigerians, our demands are legitimate and within the ambit of the law. I wish to once again congratulate the President, His Excellency Muhammadu Buhari and our countrymen and women in power and request them to take decisive decisions to curb and bring to an end the current insecurity in the country.”


At 61, Nigeria isn’t a toddler, do your constitutional duties, SSANU tells political office holders

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