Assault: He must sleep in cell before accepting his apology — Bobrisky

Following the scuffle between a Popular Nigerian Instagramer and internet personality, Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, a.k.a Bobrisky, a cross-dresser, and an unidentified man, Bobrisky in a post on “her” Instagram page, Bobrisky22, uploaded a video of the unidentified man apologising for what he had done.

“What happened today between me and Bobrisky was a little misunderstanding, I hit her car and we went into a fight, I’m sorry for everything, sorry for hitting your car and sorry for everything,” the man said in the video shared by Bobrisky.

However, Bobrisky, on the other hand, appears to still hold things against the man as “she” refuted his apology saying it wasn’t a misunderstanding.”

On second thought, Bobrisky on “her” Instagram page said she might accept his apology but only after the unidentified man had slept in a cell, get “her” a new iPhone 11 max and fix “her” car.

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Earlier in a video making rounds on social media, Bobrisky was seen being beaten by the unidentified man after what looks like a misunderstanding between them.

The unidentified man was seen in the video driving a black salon car allegedly bashed Bobrisky’s white Range Rover after which they both had a heated argument and it appeared Bobrisky was trying to take a picture of the vehicle that hit his Range Rover, the man slammed off Bobrisky’s phone to the floor.

Furthermore, Bobrisky, a Nigerian celebrity with a controversial gender-identity, rushed into the unidentified man’s car and picked up his phone and car key after which s(he) ran into the car in an attempt to drive away.

However, the unidentified man hurriedly followed Bobrisky into the car and could be seen beating the controversial cross-dresser.

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