Army calls on social media influencers to promote peace

The Nigerian Army has said that it is important for Nigerians to know that, the Army has not only a role to protect the nation but also to promote a good relationship with the citizens.

The chief of civil-military Affairs, Maj. Gen. Usman Muhammad stated this at the 7th edition seminar on improving civil-military relations organised by the Army Headquarters Department of Civil-Military Affairs in partnership with Security Affairs Limited.

He stressed the need for the media and Nigerians to support the activities of the Nigerian Army, especially in this period when the nation is facing a series of security challenges.

According to Maj. Gen. Usman Muhammad, the Nigerian Army has been working to improve civil-military relations through projects in host communities, as well as synergy with sister security agencies among others.

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He added that the Army is working on educating its men on respecting human rights of citizens, pointed out that the department of civil-military affairs has a human rights desk which was established about three years ago with a view to addressing issues of human rights violation and receiving complaints from the public.

“We have a human rights desk in the Department of Civil-Military Affairs which is an arm in the Army Headquarters, so that when people have complaints they can reach out to us, so that we can investigate and address those concerns and whenever we found violation occurring we investigate and ensure that that personnel involved are sanctioned accordingly,” Gen. Muhammad added.

On his part, Chief Executive Officer of Security Affairs Limited, Austin Peacemaker said the seminar was aimed at to educate online reporters and social media influencers on the need to promote unity and peace in the country.

He also warned that Nigerians should avoid negative postings on social media platforms and imbibe the spirit of patriotism in their dealings to avoid undermining the interest of their nation.

The theme of the seminar was “The role of social media in civil-military relations as a non-kinetic tool for enhancing peace and security in Nigeria”.

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