ARMTI trains youths on agripreneurship

AGRICULTURAL and Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI), in order to ensure optimal utilisation of value-added development in agriculture has selected youths from around the country to train on the basics of agripreneurship.

ARMTI in its four-week Youth Empowerment Scheme has taken it upon itself to develop obtrusive energy to equip a mass of youths with the necessary empowerment skills to unlock huge potentials in agribusiness.

The Executive Director, ARMTI, Dr. Olufemi Oladunni, said that the scheme is to drive economic growth through Agriculture, to create wealth, jobs and alleviate poverty as well as securing food security of the nation.

Olufemi, who addressed the participants on their practical experience at the ACOFAT Farm, Irra, Kwara state, noted that the field practice might be challenging but agriculture if well practised can solve the unemployment problem in the nation.

Therefore, he encouraged participants to focus on the benefits of the training by embracing challenges encountered on the field and see it as part of the training process.

The Executive Director also appreciated effort of The Chairman, ACOFAT Farms, Mr. Ajibola for contributing to the success of the programme, while he acknowledged the presence of the security teams for ensuring the safety of participants.

The programme coordinator, Mr. Victor Okpodu, explained that the training covered in-depth practical exposition to the intricacies of effective farm practices and strategies as well as practical case studies and brainstorming exercises. The participants, numbering 40 in all, were also taken on field study visits to witness the practice of what they had been exposed to in class.

One of the participants, Azeez Abubakar from Kano said; “I have been equipped with business sense, I’ve learned a lot particularly in the rearing of fish, now I’m yearning to go into my community to begin to solve essential needs with agricultural produce.”

“The training has impacted the value-adding process of agriculture to my knowledge. The secrets of agriculture have been unlocked to me. I can’t wait to start my poultry business” said Adewumi Adebanke from Osun state.

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