ARCON tasks 200 newly registered architects, firms on ethics

Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) has urged the newly registered architects and firms on the need to uphold the ethics of the profession in the course of their practice.

Appealing to the  200 architects, technologists and architectural firms during their induction ceremony in Abuja, President of ARCON, Mr Gabriel Oladipupo Ajayi, urged them, as a matter of principle, to be above board at all times.

Besides, he added that they should ensure compliance with the content of the law establishing ARCON, Architects› Code of Conduct and Ethics, and Professional Scale of Fees, among others.

According to Ajayi, the aforementioned and others made up of   the tools they would require in their day-to-day delivery of services to clients.

“So right from today, you must be weary of the Architects Investigating Panel (AIP) and Architects Disciplinary Tribunal.

“You should as a matter of principle be above board at all times and ensure that you comply sufficiently with the content of the Act establishing the Council, the Architects Code of Conduct and Ethics, the Professional Scale of Fees etc.

“These and others are the tools you would now require in your day-to-day delivery of services to your clients.»

The ARCON boss warned that the very moment they run foul of the extant rules and regulations, the council would wield the big stick by first sending their name to the Architects Investigating Panel (AIP), «who as the name connotes is to investigate the extent of misdemeanour.”

Once the infraction is considered heavy enough, he stated that the offence would be escalated to the Architects Disciplinary Tribunal.

According to him, ARCON is not only there to deal with the issue of infractions in the lives of its registered members, but also working in concert with the relevant associations to come up with a concise blue print for the continuous development of members both as a student, sitting for the Architects Professional Competency Evaluation (APCE) and post registration with the council.

Going forward and in due time, he told the new inductees that their registration with the council would only be sustained through the Continuous Professional Development.

«One of such programme is principally the annual Architects Colloquium,» Ajayi said.

He hinted the inductees about the existence of ARCON Project Registration Number (APRN), describing it as a mandatory registration number issued to all architects practicing in Nigeria, for each of their projects, to certify that the projects are executed by Nigerian citizens, who are fully registered and financially current architects.

ARCON›s Registrar, Umar Murnai, while congratulating the newly registered architects, architectural firms and technologists on their attainment, he also urged them to represent the profession as good ambassadors and worthy architects.


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