Applying a different approach to Nigeria’s housing deficit

When Nigeria’s housing deficit is discussed, focus is usually put solely on the number of people who can’t find a place to rest their heads while they think of their next course of action. The statisticians say the numbers are high, about 17 to 20 million housing units needed to curb it – a huge challenge no matter who you ask. But if the definition of deficit is anything to go by, more problems exist.

In the run up to the 1977 Festival of Arts and Culture, the Nigerian government spent a huge amount in developing what today stands as FESTAC Town. As a residential estate, the festival village as it was called at a time, was designed for over 45000 participants of the black arts and culture event which the government was hosting and had about 5,000 housing units, with major avenues and amenities that made the town stand out. There was access to things like efficient transport, supermarkets, public restrooms and a grid network that made navigation easy. It was clear to see that comfort for the town’s occupants was the goal.

Not many people who think about Nigeria’s current housing deficit think about the comfort a home should bring. For a large number, minimal existence of real luxury apartments in Nigeria isn’t a challenge, and one can say they understand. When someone is faced with such high numbers, they forget anything about luxury; but that’s only because luxury is thought to rhyme with huge cost.

The FESTAC houses like many luxury homes were built for efficiency. Its developers took into consideration what the participants would need to enjoy their stay in Nigeria, and provided it for them. The people who would later occupy those houses after ‘77 moved for same reason – comfort.

Real luxury is simply about comfort, and the opportunity to experience life at one’s imagined style and preference. Yes, cases exist where this costs an arm and a leg, just because our imaginations are also wild, but in many cases, it is simply about personality and details.

Hall 7, a Nigerian real estate company focused on high quality residential and commercial properties, recently completed a luxury project in Nigeria’s capital and like the FESTAC experience, invited people to an open house. The project called The Bridge Peridot contains townhouses and apartments, just like many other estates, but the only reason they truly make the luxury mark is the personal ambiance each unit spots. Giving people quality homes that reflect their own personality and desires is a priceless thing, and this project does that. Again, the space provides quick access to the basic things a luxury life should afford – a quick drive to the airport, easy trips to the shopping center, fine roads and more. Yes, there is the beauty bit, with villas that light up as one enters their space, but it is the comfort first.

The Bridge Townhouses are so personally designed that the super-delux villa unit gives its owner the option of a fifth bedroom. It is such limitless potential in a home that many people look forward to, and to have it handed to them in high quality style as Hall 7 Real Estate promises is nothing short of a dream delivered.


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