APC crisis: Giadom, ag national secretary, says notice of NEC meeting legitimate, disowns Bulama

Acting national secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Victor Giadom has said his notice to convene the National Executive Committee meeting of the party for March 17 was legitimate and in line with certain provisions of the party constitution.

The trio of Babatunde Ogala, Lanre Isa-Onilu and Waziri Bulama, national legal adviser, national publicity secretary and national secretary, respectively had on Saturday advised members of the party to ignore notice for the NEC meeting signed by Giadom.

Citing provisions of Article 25 (B) (ii) of the APC Constitution 2010 (as amended) they noted that the powers to convene a meeting of NEC was vested in the APC national chairman.

But Giadom in his response made available to newsmen last night said his action was in order.

He noted that provisions of Article 14.4 (i) has since elevated him to the position of acting national secretary in the absence of the immediate past national secretary, Mallam Mala Buni who has since assumed office as Yobe State governor.

Giadom further dismissed the claim of Architect Waziri Bulama to the position of national secretary as he argued that by virtue of provisions of Article 20(l) (a) of the party Constitution, Bulama nomination by the APC NWC was a breach of the document which insisted that a national officer must emerge through a national convention or zonal congress.

Further justifying his action, he noted that with the suspension of Comrade Oshiomhole by court order, the existing vacancies in the office of deputy national chairmen, North and south, he remained the acting national secretary.

His statement read in part: “My attention has been drawn to a Notice dated Match 7. 2020 and signed by Babatunde Ogala Esq, Mallam Lanre lssa-Onilu and one Architect Waziri Bulama which was aimed at discrediting the position of calling for an emergency National Executive Committee Meeting as Acting National Secretary. The Notice is not only aimed at creating mischief but it is aimed at misleading the esteemed members of the National Executive Committee and the general public at huge.

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“For the purpose of clarity and putting the issue in proper perspective. I wish to state that the decision to call for an emergency National Executive Committee Meeting for March 17. 2020 was taken in strict compliance with the constitution of the party. It is on record that the erstwhile National Chairman, Comrade Adams Oshiohmole has been suspended by a Court of Competent Jurisdiction. The two Deputy National Chairmen are no longer in office. The next most senior party office: should be the Secretary-General of the party. But as we all know. The erstwhile National Secretary in the person of Hon. Buni Mai Mala Buni is now the Executive Governor of Yobe State. Hence, as the Acting National Secretary, I have the constitutional power to steer the activities of our great party.

“By Article 14.4 (i) of the Constitution of our great party, the Deputy National Secretary is empowered to act as National Secretary in the absence of the National Secretary and all the actions taken since the emergence of Hon. Buni Mai Mala as Executive Governor of Yobe State are taken in my capacity as the acting National Secretary.

“By Article [4.3 (ii) of the Constitution of the party, being the acting National Secretary, l have the power to issue notices of meetings of National Convention, National Executive Committee and the National Working Committee of the party.

“This is the power I exercised on March 6 and March 7, 2020 calling for an emergency National Executive Committee of our great party in line with Article 25 (B) (ii) of the Constitution of our great Party.

“Article 25 (B) (i) of our constitution is very clear and it says ‘the National Executive Committee of our great party shall meet every quarter of a year.’ It is on record that the last National Executive Committee meeting was held on the 22nd of November 2019 which is about 4 months to 17th of March fixed for the NEC meeting which itself is a breach of the party‘s constitution.

“While Article 25 (B) (ii) provides that National Working Committee of our great party may summon an emergency National Executive Committee meeting at any time provided at least 7 days‘ notice of the meeting is given to those entitled to attend. The Notice given on March 6, 2020, is in strict compliance with the provision of the Constitution.

“I urge members of the national working committee to attend the meeting slated for 17th day of March. 2020 as it will serve as an avenue to find solutions to the present state of the quagmire the party had found itself in. The meeting will provide a way forward for the party. knowing that the National Executive Committee is the highest organ of the party after the convention. As such, I cannot be shut out of its responsibilities as provided by the Constitution of our great Party.

“As for Architect Waziri Bulama who purportedly signed the document as the party’s National Secretary, he is not a member of the National Executive Committee or National Working Committee as his alleged Nomination as National Secretary of the Party has no legal footing, because it fails to meet the requirements provided by virtue of Article 20(l) (a) of the part) constitution. He is definitely not the National Secretary of the party.”

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