APC can’t win election in 2019, says Lamido

LamidoA former governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, on Monday, said that the All Progressives Congress (APC), will not return to power in the forthcoming presidential election next year.

He noted that Nigerians who voted the party into power in 2015 are currently battling with hunger and abject poverty, saying the people are angry with the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.

Lamido, a presidential hopeful on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), alleged that Buhari is incompetent to lead the country for a period of another four years.

He said this in an interview with newsmen after meeting with members and leaders of the party in the State on his presidential aspiration, that Nigerians are tired of lies being dished out daily by the government.

“This government cannot win the election in 2019. It cannot. They are only grandstanding. See how they are panicking. Look at Akpabio; he’s been there for three years, they said he’s a thief and they used it to blackmail him, otherwise they are going to prosecute him. They tried it on Deputy Senate President but he said no. They took him to EFCC, he was humiliated and he was interrogated. They want to break us but they cannot. What God will do He will do.

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“This government is doomed to failure because, in 2019, it will be flushed out. The Nigerian people who hold the power to vote are very poor, hungry and angry. The Nigerian people have no future. They don’t see anything in the government other than lies. Every day they see lies. So, the government would pack up, he said.

On the frosty relationship between the executive and legislative arms of government, Lamido urged the different arms of government to allow rule of law to prevail.

He explained that the arms of government are in place to support one another in the overall interest of Nigerians, insisting that no arm of government must encroach on others jurisdiction.

Lamido said, “I was in the House of Representatives and the legislature has its own character, its own tradition and its own rules and regulations. They are there to support each other for Nigerians. Three of them have to work in tandem to make Nigeria a very strong and united nation.

“When one tries to encroach on the other area’s of jurisdiction, it means you are destroying the institutions. The three are there designed to check each other. So, we should be able to stand by the rules and regulations of these constitutions.”

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