Anglican Primate kicks against Hate Speech bill, admonishes Christians to check their actions

Primate of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican communion), Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, has urged those proposing the Hate Speech bill to withdraw it because ‘it is not possible to control what people are saying.”

He also admonished Christians to take heed to themselves and not live carelessly without integrity, but be prepared for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

He said these at the thanksgiving service that marked the end of the Carnival For Christ programme for this year held at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp, Abuja, recently.

Speaking on the state of the nation, Okoh called on those proposing the hate speech bill, without proper documentation of what it is, to withdraw it.

He said in common life, people are bound to say whatever they feel like saying and so, the only safeguard is for those in authority to do what is right and proper at all times.

“It is not possible to control what people are saying and it should not be done,” Okoh stated

He further advised the National Orientation Agency to initiate campaigns that encourage people to speak positively instead of legislating them to do so.

Okoh also said many times, Christians are the ones who fashion weapons against themselves by refusing to obey God’s instructions, saying that it is better to prepare for eternity, because that is where one can find true joy, safety, happiness and life.

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Primate Okoh charged the church to continue to abide in God and His word and resist any form of aversion to the doctrine of Christ.

He said loyalty to God must be 100 per cent and that Christians must try to bridge the gap between professed religion and moral integrity.

The primate lamented the decadence seen in the way individuals who profess to be Christians handle issues of money, sex and position and called on the Church to bridge this gap or otherwise lose its place as the salt of the earth.

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