Amplify Africa To Launch “AMPLIFY AFRICA” APP

Amplify Africa is getting set to launch the ‘AMPLIFY AFRICA’ music, fashion, arts, entertainment & events app. The app will allow subscribers and users stay abreast of Amplify Africa’s premium shows, events, concerts and related daily news stories.

Chatting with the CEO of Amplify Africa, Damilare Kujembola, he told us that the launch of the app was a journey that began about 2 years ago. “We realized that lots of people especially millennials and even over 50s found it more convenient to do a lot of things using an app. Over 85% make use of their smart devices for shopping, buying event tickets, ordering rides, watching movies, reading news stories and listening to music while on the go. The use of apps make all these activities easier to keep up and is also less time consuming than before” he said.

He said that with apps and mobile devices, it’s now simpler to keep up with upcoming events, your favorite artistes, new music, breaking stories and other activities. He said gone were the days of bulky video machines, gaming consoles and/or big boom boxes to be able to listen to music. With an app you can do any of these things while on the go without stress and sometimes even without having an active data plan on your phone.

He said that the ‘AMPLIFY AFRICA’ app is currently in the beta testing phase and so is available to only a select few. He said, “beta testing is necessary for every apps to enable fine tuning and the correction of any glitches, so that once it goes live subscribers will be assured of a smooth experience without hitches”. “It will also provide us with valuable information to improve and/or upgrade the app where necessary” he stated. He however promised the app will become fully operational and available to all by the end of the year.

AMPLIFY AFRICA is an arts and entertainment platform which is focused on showcasing and amplifying entertainment, African music, fashion, Africans, and Africa in diaspora.


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