African Tech, Creative Group launch ten MyAfCFTA Nodes across Africa

THE African Tech and Creative Group (ATCG) have announced the launch of ten MyAfCFTA nodes located across Africa in CcHUB (Nigeria/Rwanda), Afrinolly (Nigeria), iSpace (Ghana), iHUB (Kenya), BongoHive (Zambia), HYBR Group (South Africa/Kenya/Nigeria), Sylabs (Algeria), The Tech Village Innovation Hub (Zimbabwe), Bliss Executives (The Gambia), The Innovation Village (Uganda).

The ten MyAfCFTA Nodes are the flagship spaces across Africa that will provide localised business support services to aid the implementation of AfCFTA. The Nodes will serve as a one-stop-shop for on the ground information and support around the technology and creative landscape in their regions as each node will be connected to other nodes across the continent to facilitate exchange and international trade.


The Nodes will support the mission of ATCG to implement the AfCFTA and promote intra-African trade by African SMEs and startups through existing opportunities as well as future provisions of the continental free trade agreement.

Additionally, it is said that the nodes will serve as a network of business support organisations across Africa providing services and information to entrepreneurs looking to operate and expand across Africa (Business information, Innovation support and partnership support), provide country-specific experts from within the African tech and creative ecosystem that will provide tailor-made advice to members that are interested in setting up their business in other parts of Africa.

Iyin Aboyeji, head of the ATCG subgroup ‘Information and Business Network’  said: “local and international businesses can explore the node in their region. We are also announcing a list of services that businesses can get from nodes on our website, including incorporation advice and an entrepreneurs journey to scale their solutions across Africa and faciliate knowledge and technology exchange between African countries to improve SME innovation and trade.

”While building Flutterwave and Andela, I experienced the growing pains of building a Pan African business without the necessary support or information. The launch of ATCG means no one else will have to experience the same pains. MyAfCFTA nodes and the information and support they will provide will ensure that.

The true promise of AfCFTA is that we can enable African companies scale their businesses across Africa. I’m excited that today we have begun the journey of fulfilling that promise with the ATCG nodes.”

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