Africa Business Community launches agency to connect business leaders in Africa

Africa Business Community has established Africa Influencer Agency (AIA), a platform that will embrace all available digital channels and social media to support brands in telling their stories.

The agency is leveraging on its extensive segmented reach of professionals across the continent and beyond, together with its team of influencers with a solid background in media, PR and digital media and its host of digital tools to build reliable B2B bridges between brands and businesses by way of holistic PR.

A statement signed by founder, Africa Business Communities­, Bas Vlugt­, said services the agency will offer include influencer marketing to connect brands to key industry leaders that are the right fit for their businesses, including journalists and micro-influencers managed by AIA.

The agency has a team of established B2B influencers with extensive networks cumulatively standing at more than 120,000 followers on LinkedIn to bolster its influencer marketing offering.

Other services to be offered are recurring and campaign PR, creating different types of bespoke and impactful content from interviews, blogs and columns, distribution of newsletters and personal emails to relevant target audiences, designing of customised websites, blogs, newsletters, banners, and other digital materials, and organising business events for close encounters with the relevant professionals that make a brand’s message a live experience.

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Director of Africa Influencer Agency, Diana Wangeci, said: “As AIA we can deliver tangible ROI for our clients as recognised experts in the industry for several years when it comes to PR, marketing, strategising on impactful content and other digital services.

“The large network of companies and business professionals that the agency works within all African countries and other continents allows clients to reach thousands of targeted audiences within short timelines, resulting in successful campaigns across different economic sectors.

“Its extensive reach sets AIA apart from any other PR agency as it guarantees maximum reach and results to clients.

“AIA’s strength lies in the utilisation of instruments that have been successful and in operation for many years. For example, the press release distribution service dubbed Africa Press List that reaches thousands of journalists across Africa and globally, the news site Africa Business Communities, and other social media platforms.

“We are therefore guaranteeing reach through our channels into our network by skipping the step of publishing on third party media and bringing the message directly to a relevant audience of individual people in our network. This means that at Africa Influencer Agency, we are connecting Africa with itself, with the world and the world to Africa,” Wangeci added.

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