Adaptation, lifeblood of entrepreneurship during pandemic ― Nwaora Augustine

While the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic continues to ravage the world, many have found ways to cope with daily living, doing business and thriving.

For real estate investors, their industry has also been affected adversely, as apart from dwindling patronage from buyers, construction workers had just recently, been allowed to work.

Nwaora Augustine David, the Chief Executive Officer of Suave Properties Limited and a director at Bentell Properties Limited, in a chat with Newsmen, revealed that he had employed technology and a calm spirit to cope with the lockdown.

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“It has not been easy especially for people like us who had invested a lot in various projects across the country. We had to obey the lockdown order and stay home. I, however, being a naturally tech-savvy person, deployed technology to keep up with my staff and also monitor the various projects we are involved in.

“I am grateful for the various virtual applications that I was able to employ to keep in touch with my staff and monitor work. You cannot imagine the gravity of more damage that would have been done if not for technology.

He also revealed the reasons behind his undying love for real estate business.

He made it known that real estate business is always fluid and interesting, given the fact that it makes one responsible for people’s needs.

“The real estate and hospitality business is an interesting one. It is one that is always fluid and evolving. As people’s taste keep getting more sophisticated, you have to meet their demands by building houses that meet and even surpass their demands. Indeed it is one where you have to keep an open mind that is docile to adaptation and learning every day.”


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