Adamawa attack: My People need help, village head cries out

The village head of Bolon, Mr Filgona told Tribune Online that because of the recent attack in his community, that claimed the lives of over 11 persons, has now left hundreds of people in needs of basic necessities.

Filgona said over one hundred households in his community are now homeless because their houses have been burnt down by the unknown gunmen suspected to be Fulani fighters.

“My people need help, their food has been burnt and there is nothing to fall back to,” Filgona said.

He revealed that two aged husbands and wife, their two granddaughters, and 11 others have been brutally murdered in the recent attack in a ‘senseless’ late-night attack on Wednesday in Bolon, Bolki and Bujum town of Demsa and Numan local government areas of Adamawa State.

The armed killers who are suspected to be a Fulani killer group were said to have descended on the town at around 10 pm Wednesday night shooting sporadically and burning down over hundred houses and sending the residents on a frenzy scamper for their lives.

“Our food has also been burnt to ashes just like that, if you go round town, you will see several of our houses are still on fire.

“At about 10 pm, some Fulani militants descended on our community heavily armed and started shooting at everyone they see.

“We quickly mobilised to defend our lives and property but all we have are just our local bows and arrows, so they overpowered us, in fact, it is because of the resistance we mounted that you still see some few houses standing,” he said.

The member-elect, Demsa constituency, Kate Mamuno, who visited the community lamented the mayhem saying the security operatives in the state have to improve on their response time.

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Mamuno said: “This is the third time this community have been attacked by this murderous group and yet they go away without being apprehended by the security.

“Almost three-quarter of the village has been burnt down.

“These people need shelter, clothing, food, among other basic necessities because everything they have has been destroyed.”

A survivor of the attack, Alex James, narrating his ordeal said, “I have been physically challenged after I had stroke attack, so I could not run, so this place where you met me is where I was seated when the attack started and ended.

“At about 10 am, I started hearing gunshots all over the town and it kept coming closer, there was nothing I could do.

“About four of them came some few meters closer to my house but as God would have it, I heard one some of the attackers calling them in Fulbe to leave, that was how they left and I survived.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, Othman Abubakar when contacted said, the police have been informed of the situation but they are yet to get details of the attack.