Folarin celebrates 42nd birthday with less privileges, widow


IN the spirit of humanitarianism, wife of former senate leader and gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Barrister Angela Folarin, has celebrated her 42nd birthday with less privileged in the state.
Barrister Folarin explained that in time where even the rich and comfortable are finding it difficult to eat choice meal, the hope of less privileged and widows become dimmer as a result of economy crisis.
She stated that the less privileged are the biggest loser and should be adequately taken care of by all and sundry.
“It’s a great honour to witness another birthday. God has kept me all through the years and in good health. The less privileged and widows are less remembered by the public. Even when the economy was stable and booming, nobody talks of the less privileged how much more when everyone one is downsizing and cutting cost.
“In my own little way, I’ve decided to share with the widows and less privileged; they’re no lesser human to the rest of us. They deserve much more than they’re getting.
“I want to charge well meaning Nigerians to consider putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged and widows. They deserve to have good food on their tables irrespective of their conditions. That is the way we show love to our brothers and sisters,” she said.
Barrister Chief (Mrs) is the founder of Silikatu Abebi Foundation, which specialises in care for less privileged and widows in Nigeria.


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