7 Reasons to Include Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s net-savvy scenario, digital marketing is a necessity for all the businesses out there. And as digital marketing becomes an integral part of business, your company will need to stay on top of the game with the latest trends. Most likely, you are already making fair use of content marketing. But are you leveraging the power of video marketing? No? Then, consider the following video usage statistics, start including videos in your digital marketing strategy immediately. 

  • People watch around 1.5 hours of video every day.
  • Around 72% of people prefer to know about a product or service through a video rather than text. 
  • People who watch demo videos are 1.81X more likely to shop online than non-viewers. 
  • People stay 2.6X longer at pages that include a video than those without a video.
  • Nearly 50% of shoppers prefer to watch videos first before buying anything or before visiting a store.
  • Your website is 53 times more likely to rank high on Google if it embeds a video.
  • Cisco says, “82% of all internet traffic will be from video by 2021”. 

Beyond these stats, the benefits of videos are enormous and endless and it’s better to be 3 minutes soon than being a minute late. Take a step ahead and read this out and leverage the power of video marketing for your business. Below are seven more examples that will give you enough reasons to include videos in your digital marketing strategy.

  • Videos help get a higher ranking on Google:

If your goal is to rank high on Google search result pages, utilize the power of videos. It will help turn your goal into a reality. Making Google notice your website and increase its ranking is a big deal for every business. But a video can help you do it quickly. How? Google has already shown that it favors websites that embed videos, particularly those who use YouTube, owned by Google. So, if you include a video in your digital marketing strategy, achieving a higher ranking on Google search results will no longer be a massive deal for you. 

  • Videos increase conversions:

Videos leading to increased conversions is not just a hypothesis; it is backed up by several facts. 

  • Embedding video on a landing page can increase conversions by more than 80%. 
  • Videos tend to build more trust in consumers than text, infographics, or image-based content. 
  • Videos are captivating as they get visitors to stay longer on a page. 
  • Since videos are more engaging, consumers are more likely to retain the message.
  • Videos give a detailed description of your offerings. 
  • Studies show that shoppers feel more confident about making a buying decision when there is a video on the page. 

Imagine how a video can increase your conversion rate, and you will realize why video is receiving immense popularity worldwide. 

  • Videos improve SEO:

As said above, Google favors video; hence, it greatly rewards websites that have high-quality videos. Since Google’s algorithms prioritize pages with videos, it is indispensable for businesses to include videos in their digital marketing strategies. Also, videos help SEO as it is responsive on nearly all sized screens or devices. As a result, you can reach a wider audience through videos. 

To gain the maximum advantages of your video SEO effort, be sure to:

  • Keep videos short and engaging. A 30-seconds to 2-minute video is enough to attract your audience’s attention. Anything longer can look dull and lose you significant viewership.
  • Optimize videos with relevant titles, sub-titles, meta tags, and descriptions. It will help Google bots crawl your video efficiently.
  • Create high-quality thumbnails to grab the attention of searchers; it will help improve your click-through rates.


  • Videos are captivating:

Videos are more likely to catch and keep viewers’ attention than text or image-based content. Why? Because videos combine both visual and auditory senses. In other words, videos include two elements together that catch people’s attention: sound and movement. Studies say people tend to retain better a message gained from a video than text-based content. Also, ordinary people remember 95% of a message when it is watched, and only 10% of a message is read. So, it will indeed be a wise idea to include a video in your digital marketing strategy. 


  • Videos are more shareable: 

Videos have a 1200% higher feasibility to get shared across the various social channels than image and text content combined. If you can create a high-quality video that is engaging, amusing, entertaining, and heart-warming, it is most likely to gain more engagements and get shared by your audiences. Also, they can potentially go viral within a wider audience.. So, here the trick is to come up with the idea that may appeal to your audience and add value to their day-to-day life.


  • Videos explain a product clearly: 

In this fast-paced phenomenon, we rarely get time to read the entire story about a particular topic, product, or event. Even if we may enjoy reading, time restrains us from doing so. Video is an effective way to provide all of these points. For people on-the-go, consuming content through video seems to be very quick and convenient. If you want to demonstrate how a product works, instead of writing a set of instructions, creating a how-to video can be a good idea to show your audiences how effectively it works.  


  • Videos gain traction:

If the video had not been incredible, it would not have prevailed everywhere from YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the list goes on. Everyone enjoys a good quality video. Whether it aims to entertain or market a newly launched product, videos communicate your message better than any other content format ever can. People love interacting through videos; they keep consuming it as it provides information and is exciting too. 



A growing number of digital marketing companies leverage the powers of proficient video making platforms like InVideo to create high-quality videos. Why not you? Time is rapidly changing, and your audience wants more video. Don’t get your digital marketing strategy deprived of the power of video content. 



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