7 beauty products to ditch in harsh weather

Dear Makeover,

This dry harmattan season has thrown my usual makeup routine out of order. Can you provide some tips on products I should not use till the harsh weather goes away?



THE weather, indeed, is dry, harsh, irritable, and blows hot and cold air at will, and as such, anything normal will not take when it comes to applying makeup. Below are a few products to do without this season:


Matte anything

Matte has drying effect and the weather already packs enough dryness to go with it. For the time being, let your matte lipstick get some air and instead, invest in the glossy alternatives.


White powder

This rule is strictly for persons with very dry skin. If you have dry, flaky skin, applying white powder at this time would be counter-productive as it would only serve to draw embarrassing attention to your ‘white-washed’ face.

Instead, invest in quality compact powder that would match beautifully with your skin tone.


Face scrubs

As a result of the nature of the weather, face scrubs are best left in the hibernating arena for now, as using it during harsh weather will only invite irritation and flakes. Instead, stick with facial oil for now.


Scented lip balm

For those who take care to notice how products work, you must have come to the realisation that scented lip balms do not do much to keep the lips hydrated. This may be because camphor is sometimes added as ingredient to the balm.

One easy way to spot them is if you feel the need to keep reapplying the balm at short intervals. That could be a tell-tale sign that your lips are drying out, instead of getting needed nourishment. If this happens, it’s time for the needed switch to quality products.


Certain kinds of mascara

The weather is already severe enough. Note that the winds may be quite harsh, which may cause the eyes to tear up and wearing mascara that will eventually run is simply inviting a fashion disaster to happen.


Cheap perfume

As a result of the harshness of the weather, cheap perfumes will only leave you smelling bland at the end of the day. Instead, go for better alternatives that have the ability to withstand harsh climate.


Regular moisturiser too…

The weather breeds dryness on the skin and your regular moisturiser may not do much to improve the situation. Your best bet at this time is moisturiser with natural oils as part of the ingredients, to give your skin the necessary shine it deserves.

How long should you keep makeup?

MAKEUP products don’t carry a ‘best by’ date. But they do have built-in expiration dates. Here’s a general guide.

Mascara & liquid eyeliner: Every time you put the wand back into the tube, you’re letting in  bacteria. These products have the shortest shelf life. Replace every 3 to 4 months.

Liquid foundation: Stored away from heat, foundation can remain stable for up to a year. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, don’t dip your finger into the bottle. Apply with a brush or sponge, and don’t double dip.

Lip gloss & lipstick: These are less likely than liquid-based makeup to grow bacteria. It’s safe to hold on to them for at least 6 months and the lipstick for a year.

Powders: Unless you notice a funny smell or the colour has turned, you can safely use powder-based products for 18 months to 2 years.


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