She accuses me of infidelity, smells my pants —Wife


A mother of two,  Mrs Abimbola Adebayo, has approached Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking the dissolution of her 11-year-old marriage to her husband, Azeez.

Abimbola had alleged that Azeez was uncaring, a woman-beater and womanizer. She added that he was always accusing her of infidelity.

“My husband has turned me into an object of ridicule in our compound and neighbourhood because he’s always beating me and tearing off my clothes.

“He doesn’t care if the children and I eat or not. He’s just not bothered about our welfare, she told the court.

“My husband doesn’t trust me. He monitors my movements and suspects my actions.

“He constantly accuses me of being promiscuous not caring that our children are listening to all that he says.

“Any time I go out and return, he will ask me to put off my pant and he would smell it. He does this to detect if I had slept with another man.

“He accuses me of infidelity, but he’s the one who engages in extra marital affairs.

“Although, he doesn’t smoke or drink, he’s fit to be awarded a first class degree when it comes to womanizing. He prefers to spend his money on women than meet my needs and that of the children.

“I moved out of his home a week ago after he dealt me with blows due to a misunderstanding between us. His blows left this cut on my face (Pointing to a spot on her face).

“I have thought things over and I believe it is better I move out of his house before he kills me. I don’t need to be told that ours is a failed marriage

“I, therefore, pray the court to dissolve our marriage and grant me custody of our children. I also request that I’m allowed to pack my belonging and goods out of his home, “the plaintiff stated.

Azeez refuted all the plaintiff had said, but agreed to her plea of divorce. He also disagreed that she had custody of their children.

“Since our marriage is void of peace, I agree to her plea of divorce, “he told the court.

“My wife loves my money and not me. The issue of money has always been the major reason we fight.

“She’s never satisfied with any amount I give her and our children for food. I give her N500 every day, but she will always tell me it’s not enough.

“She thus developed a way of getting back at me and this is through sex.

“She denies me sex and is fond of frustrating me any time we want to make love. Instead of relaxing so that we both enjoy it, she will intentionally stiffen her body or cross her legs or sometimes demand for money.

“We once fought and she moved out of the home. After she had left, I discovered she also took some of my belongings with her.

“I later got to know through her friends she had started dating another man who bought her an expensive handset. The news didn’t come to me as a surprise because I know she’s a flirt.

“She shamelessly displayed her pictures and that of her lovers on facebook throughout the time she was out of my house.

“Our parents mediated in the matter and she moved back home with only a few of her belongings. I asked her of others, and she replied that she had sold them.

“After studying her for a while, I discovered that she kept the remaining of her belongings somewhere outside our home so that she could change into them when attending functions with her lovers, he stated.

“Her brother once kept the sum of N30,000 with her. She lent me N5,000 out of this and spent the remaining. She later told me she wanted to go to Lagos to seek for a job in order to pay back his brother.

“I objected to this and promised to give her the whole sum when I received my next salary.

“She flouted my order and left for Lagos with our two-year-old baby. She was there for a month. This was during last year’s yuletide period. She returned on January 8.”

“My lord, she lied that I was uncaring. I buy foodstuff for the home and also pepper and meat for soup. The last time I did which was shortly before she finally moved out of my house, she laid on bed and pretended that she was asleep. I prepared all that I bought and when food was ready, she got up from bed and ate. I thought things over that night and concluded that we could no longer go further in our relationship and I told her this in the morning.

“She has moved out of my house again for almost a week after we quarreled and I don’t think it is necessary that she comes back since we are both fed up with each other.

The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkanmi, after listening to the duo, stated that more evidence would be needed before judgment was given. He, therefore, adjourned the case till February 22 and ordered that both parties should come to court with their parents and two children.

The duo appeared in court again on February 22 with their children, still insisting on divorce, but none of their parents showed up.

Abimbola, again appealed to the court to grant her permission to pack her belongings and goods from her husband’s home. The defendant, disagreed on this, claiming that she left with her freezer, stabilizer and gas cylinder among other things which he wanted her to return.

The plaintiff insisted that the mentioned items were hers, stating that she had receipts of each.

The court president, Chief Agbaje Olasunkami, after listening to the duo again, noted that the love between them had gone sour. He, therefore, dissolved their union and granted custody of the two children to the plaintiff.

He further urged the defendant to allow the plaintiff go with the property in question for the sake of their children.

The defendant was further ordered to give the plaintiff, N6,000 monthly as the children’s feeding allowance. This according to him must be done through the court.



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