58 cult members renounce cultism

No fewer than 58 members of various cult groups from different higher institutions from Kogi State on Tuesday denounced cultism.

The ex cult members, who were drawn from the institutions of higher learning in the state, made the pledge to denounce cultism at the headquarters of the Kogi State police command in Lokoja.

The national coordinator of the Campus Cult Eradication Foundation (CCEF), Ejembi Samuel, said cultism was a deadly menace that had been destroying innocent Nigerians directly or indirectly.

According to him, the foundation, which is a non governmental organisation had assisted over 14000 people to denounce cultism in the country.

He lamented that cultism was a threat to the security measures in the state, adding that the menace led to robbery, kidnapping, drug dealing and thuggery.

He said, “Our tertiary institutions have become a recruitment ground and barracks for different cult groups to run their deadly activities. Hundreds die every year as a result of cult related clashes.

“Hundreds are initiated into cultism every year, so many are not truly aware of the evil associated with cultism before getting initiated.”

Samuel noted that there was the need to find a lasting solution to the problem to make the country a safe place to live.

The commissioner of police in the state, Wilson Inalegu, said the command was ready to make the state free of crime and criminals.

He noted that the move by the students was an encouragement, appealing to those still in cultism to renounce and be more productive.

The police commissioner said the command would partner with the CCEF to eradicate cultism and other crimes in the state.

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