5 Things Nigerian Students Need to Know about Education in the UK

Every year, more than ten thousand students in Nigeria choose to study in the UK. The UK is home to hundreds of respected international learning institutions in the world. It offers great career prospects and lots of amazing opportunities to gain new life skills and experiences. As a Nigerian student, you shouldn’t be afraid to study in a different setting.

Taking risks at an early age in the education sector will greatly increase your chances of success in life. While Nigeria and the UK are a world apart in terms of technology, learning, and infrastructure, the keys to getting good grades and achieving your goals are the same. Here are five things that you should be aware of while studying in the UK.

1. The UK is expensive

The cost of living for international students is approximately 12,180 pounds every year. To add to that, tuition fees. Tuitions fees vary depending on the learning institution of your choice. In Oxford, London and Brighton, living expenses are higher than in cities like Liverpool or Birmingham. Do not think that you’ll get extra space for the high rent.

If you love living in big cities but don’t want to pay high prices for lifestyle activities and accommodation, go to a city like Coventry, Edinburgh or Nottingham. These cities have great colleges and universities. And they provide lots of exciting activities that come with low costs. You can also think of alternative ways to save money such as carrying your packed lunch from home and shopping in discount stores whenever you can.

2.Ask questions

If you don’t understand a specific point or topic in your course, you should look for professional writers at expert service to do my assignment online or book a session with your professor. Sometimes the professor may lack time to address every students’ questions. So, they’ll request you to come back after class for a one on one session. This way, they can privately talk to you or ask questions without looking silly in front of your peers. In a large lecture room, you might not get the opportunity. The majority of professors give students their info to seek online help.

3.Respect is shown differently to elders

When you get here, you’ll think that children and teenagers don’t show respect to their elders. However, they do it differently. In the UK, young people can call seniors by their first name. In formal settings, people use titles like Sir or Madam.

Even if your lecturer is twenty or thirty years older than you, you can call them by name and talk to them like someone in your age group. You can also give up your seat for a senior, hold the door for them, or ask if they need help with a specific writing task. It might look different but you need to show respect to the elders.

4.The weather changes quickly

The UK has a reputation for being wet and cold. However, it can be warm at times. In recent years, summers have been warm. Your campus might not have air-con fitted in every room. What most students don’t realize is that it can be cold, hot, sunny, and wet all in one day. The cold can be extreme therefore, remember to buy scarves, gloves, and hats for winter. In the summer, it can be hot but it can still be cold. Having the weather app on your phone will ensure that you keep up with the changing weather.


The British do not enjoy participating in small talk especially in the streets. You may walk past a friend and wish to talk for a while but they might be in a rush and don’t want to stop. So, they’ll simply smile at you. All you need to do is smile back and continue walking. Smiling is a good sign that they don’t want to talk at the moment. Also, public transport is usually quiet. Many people will read a book or look down at their smartphones. To preserve a calm environment, people will simply smile. This is not rude at all. It’s how they interact.


The last thing that you should worry about is your accent. The UK has lots of accents. These accents are not just from foreign students but also natives. You may be familiar with some accents. But you’ll struggle with others. Some accents are quite strong such as Welsh and Scottish. Everyone has an accent in the UK. Therefore, don’t think that you are different from others. Studying in the UK has lots of advantages. Do not be afraid of studying in a new country. It’s one of the best ways to open up your eyes, mind, and heart. You’ll also get new friends and co-workers.

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Joshua Robinson is an exceptional editor and writer. He is interested in literature, technology, music, and art. He enjoys drawing and reading books during his free time.

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