5 orphans benefit from Ansar-Ud-Deen’s Eid-al Maulud largesse in Kaduna

ANSAR-UD-DEEN Society of Nigeria (ADS), Kaduna State branch, has made donations to orphans, including a four-year-old girl, as part of events to commemorate the birthday (Eid-al-Maulud) of Prophet Muhammad.

During the Maulud Nabiyy celebrations, the orphans, four-year-old Faheeza Yusuf, Sofiat Dhikrullah, Sheriffdeen Hassan Temigbe, Mohammed AbdulRahman and AbdulLateef Mohammed Bashir, drawn from the five divisions of the ADS in the state, each received the sum of N10,000 from the organisation.

In a lecture organised to mark the occasion, Sheikh Imran AbdulWahab described “those saying there is no Maulud” as “ignorant.”

He said: “We need to celebrate Maulud because we need to tell people about Prophet Muhammad. Allah says the Prophet is the best exemplar of virtues.

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“If we could organise memorial lectures to pay tributes to great people who are no more so that young people can learn about and emulate them, why won’t we immortalise Prophet Mohammed though a celebration like this? Maulud commemorates the birth of the Prophet. The Prophet himself celebrates the day he was born by fasting every Monday. He did not roll out the drums or sing because of the position he occupied.

“Anytime any Muslim emulates Prophet Muhammad, he is celebrating his birthday because without his birth, there would no Muhammad for anybody to emulate. His birth was foretold, his father died while his mother was pregnant with him, he was an orphan, he lost his mother at the age of six and he led a life of mystery.”

Speaking on the need for Muslims to cater for the well-being of orphans, Sheikh AbdulWahab, who quoted from Qur’an chapters 93 and 107, commended ADS for supporting orphans and urged the organisation to sustain the programme.

The chairman of the state branch of the ADS, Alhaji AbdulHadi Olapade, noted that support for the underprivileged in the society, particularly orphans, was part of Ansar-Ud-Deen’s programmes.

“We hope to do better and capture more people in the programme in the future. We also have programmes to support widows and empower youth and women who are in need, apart from visits to the prisons, IDP camps, hospitals and cemeteries,” he said.


Nigerian Tribune

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