5 Dating Sites You Won’t Believe Exist

A site for people who like beards? A dating site for swingers? Or a site that was created solely around the current global situation? Technology is ever-growing and it is only fair that dating sites are developing more and more to cater to even more niche markets and audiences.

So, do you have a dog and wish to find someone who likes dogs as well? Well, there is a site for that too.

Here are 5 Dating Sites You Won’t Believe Exist

1.   Quarantine Together

As millions of people stay at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, nothing is hindering them from dating online. Christopher Smeder and Daniel Ahmadizadeh created Quarantine Together, a dating site for precisely this moment.

The site is text-based. Every day at 6 p.m., the site asks its registered users if they have washed their hands. If they reply with a yes, they are introduced to another user via text. After 15 minutes of texting, the paired users will be given a link to video chat. When two users get introduced, they only know their names and nothing else. Ahmadizadeh states that it reduces shallow preferences. “There are no rejections,” Ahmadizadeh comments. “It’s less about your photo or your bio, it’s more about actually being able to talk to another person.”

The idea seems too good to be real, but the pandemic is estimated to persist long enough that it may create new user practices, Ahmadizadeh hopes.

2.   SwingLifeStyle

SwingLifeStyle is one of the oldest dating sites for swingers— Launched in 2001. It has very active users and they plan several events in major cities. SwingLifestyle is considerably popular with more than 16 million registered members all over the globe.

With this site, paying members create their profiles that they can hide from free members. This feature is useful when you want to ensure you are only contacted by genuine swingers. Most nude photos are also obscured for free members, and this is a good idea because it keeps scammers away.

3.  SilverSingles

SilverSingles is among the most well-known dating sites that cater to singles who are 50 years old and above. It is a dating site that is also accessible on the mobile phone. The site is free and the features are all the same on both the desktop and mobile phone versions. The site design is clutter-free and simple. A very straightforward interface makes it simple to browse, even if you are not comfortable or familiar with technology.

When you sign up in the beginning, you are advised to take a personality test that helps you to develop a comprehensive perspective into your desires, presenting your matches to become more effective. Since every new proposed date must take this assessment, you are ready to discover more about your possible lover’s character before meeting in real life.

4.   Bristlr

Bristlr is a dating site for people who are into beards, people who have beards, and people who want to stroke beards. Although a dating site created around beards might seem slightly absurd or even somewhat of a trick, research shows that nearly one-quarter of men (22%) admit that facial hair—including beards—is now popular.

You can filter matches by their aforesaid facial hair. The “Lothario” detector specifically alerts you to texts that appear to be copy-pasted.

Though Bristlr did begin as a joke since its launch in 2014, it has helped over half a million connections and is utilised in over 100 cities all over the world. Since it is so focused on physical appearance and lacks any kind of complex matching algorithm, this site falls easily into the hookup site category. It lets you meet many people fast and with little effort.

5.   Dig

Dig is the dog lover’s dating site as you can tell from their tagline—“The Dog Person’s Dating site”. Founded by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, the concept for a dog person’s dating site came to be after Casey went on a date with someone who wouldn’t allow her dog into their apartment. Clearly a deal-breaker, it made her understand that sharing a soft spot for dogs was a topmost dating priority.

The site works like several other dating sites where you build a profile and the technology covers possible matches based on the data you provide. Each day you will get five possible matches and you can choose if you “dig” them, “really dig” them, or “pass” on them. Dig further presents first date ideas with its feature of dog-friendly locations. Wherever you are, Dig will show you and your date parks, bars, museums, etc. where your dogs are allowed to tag along.

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