5 Best Cleaning Tips When Moving Out Of Your Rental Property!

Moving house is a really stressful task to perform. You’ll have a lot of moving tasks to complete before the final moving day arrives. It certainly requires proper planning and execution to achieve a successful move. Especially when you’re leaving a rented house, you must take care of the cleaning job and other moving tasks as well.

Leaving your rented house untidy can indulge several difficulties affecting the whole moving process. If you don’t perform a thorough cleaning job for the interior parts before leaving your rented house, the landlord may block your security deposits. Additionally, it can harm your renting background history. So, ensuring the cleanliness of your rented house has immense importance before you finally hand over the keys and move out.

Shouldering the cleaning & moving tasks to one of the most efficient moving companies associated with iMoving.com can help perform the job easily. You’ll get expert helping hands to assist you in the cleaning process.

However, if you opt for a DIY process, you must focus on specific areas to ensure proper cleaning. Considering the below tips can make the cleaning process extremely effective and easier for you.

Consider Starting From the Top

When cleaning your rented house before moving out, it would be best to start the cleaning process from the top portions of each room. Here, the top portion refers to the ceilings, lights, fans, walls, racks, windows, etc. Starting from the top portion will eventually help you clean out all the dust, dirt and debris in the upper portion of your rooms. Additionally, you won’t be required to vacuum the floor areas again and again if you consider starting from the upper portions.

Use Broom to Remove Cobwebs

Check for the cobwebs in the ceilings and corners of the rooms. Cobwebs make the rooms dirtier. You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the cobwebs. In such a scenario, you need to use an extra hose with the vacuum cleaner. However, using a broom can be the easiest way to clean the cobwebs. Probably, you won’t face many difficulties getting a broom in your rented house as well. So, use a broom to clean the cobwebs and make the ceilings and corners of your rented rooms cleaned.

Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning the windows is somehow easier to complete with ease. You just need a soft glass cleaner to apply softly during the cleaning process. Using soft material will protect the window glasses from getting unwanted scratches. Apart from that, check for the dust and debris in the window tracks. Most of the time, we forget to clean these portions. Cleaning the window tracks isn’t a tough task at all. Using a ceiling duster can clean the tracks and corners of the windows effortlessly.

Cleaning the Walls

The best way to clean the walls is to use your vacuum cleaner. Most vacuum cleaners come with an added brush. You can use the brush to clean the walls of your rooms. The walls are the place that catches the eyes the most. So, while moving out of the rented house, make sure that you clean the walls with utmost care.

However, if you have difficulties using a vacuum cleaner, you can use a damp microfiber cloth to clean the walls. You don’t require a vacuum cleaner for performing such a cleaning process. You can clean the walls with your hands. However, while cleaning with your hands, it is best to wear gloves.

Cleaning the Carpets

If your rented house has carpets on the floors, it is important to clean the carpets as well. The floor areas are other parts where the dirt and dust can easily be noticeable if not cleaned properly. So, make sure to clean the carpets before you finally move out.

Using your vacuum cleaner is the easiest way to clean the floor areas or carpets. So, make use of the vacuum cleaner while cleaning the carpets. Additionally, make sure to clean the floor areas when the rest of the cleaning process is completed. Usually, all the dust and dirt of the upper portions fall on the floors. So, cleaning the floors at the end of the cleaning process will prevent the reparative cleaning of the floor areas.


So, we hope that the tips will certainly help you to clean the rooms of your rented house before you finally move out. Make sure to take photos of every room once the cleaning process is fully completed. Taking photos of the cleaned rooms can help you a lot if any negative situation arises while moving out. Moving is already a hectic job to perform. Getting any additional stress from your landlord can make you more worried.

So, perform the cleaning process as per the provided tips and let us know about your recent cleaning experience in the comment section. Wish you all the best!

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