Artiste of the week: Mr Eazi


Just when you thought there can be no more Mr Eazi singles floating into our collective space, he comes and drops a new single.

Mr Eazi, broke into the Nigerian market with ‘Skin tight’ which featured Ghanaian songstress, Efya and rolled into the radio with relative ease. Bringing forth a new style, Mr Eazi found strength in relying on a certain system of delivery and production has also been the driving force of his nascent career. There’s a uniqueness to his madness that has seen him produce his songs such as ‘Skintight’, ‘Hollup’, ‘Anointing’, and ‘Dance for me’.

And them there’s also a beastly productive work rate which has been generous in its output. Mr Eazi has a song in every corner, working on collaborations with numerous stars to further spread his magic on content that he does not own.

All of these have ensured that in 2016, Mr Eazi has broken out in this country, and holds the fort as the only artiste that rose above the water.

But he is still relentless in his pursuit for the number one spot. A co-sign from Wizkid into Starboy Entertainment has helped open special doors for him. One of those is a chance to collaborate on the remix of ‘Skin tight’, which will feature Wizkid and will be released in conjunction with Starboy.

A November release of ‘Chance (fre me)’, a collaborative single with Guiltybeatz already swelled his numbers, but he is far from done. In comes ‘Leg over’, rolling off the singer’s conveyor belt, and begging to be adored.

In many ways the single still shows a consistency maintaining Eazi’s trademark style. A slow beat, vacant delivery and lyrical appreciation of a lady, all of which has made him a hit in the country. Mr Eazi maintains all of these, and provides ‘Leg Over’ not a show of new direction, but as an extension of his artistry that we have all enjoyed.

Dropping new music has enabled Mr Eazi to grow, and with ‘Leg over’ he rounds off the year sticking to his core principles of content releases. A new entrant unto the Nigerian entertainment scene, fans are already demanding for an album from the atiste.


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