My style will be a game changer —Rapkiddah


Salawu Malik Olanrewaju, popularly known a Rapkiddah, is an upcoming rapper and Afro-pop artiste born in Ibadan and has released various singles. In this interview with Ibukun Adenuga, he narrates his experience in the music industry and his future prospects.


As an upcoming artiste , how has it been in the music  industry?

Really, it has been difficult and interesting. You cannot compare the fan love of an upcoming artiste to that of an established  figure. When you are on stage performing your song, people  do not really know your song and even when its online, because one isn’t popular, you get low downloads. But then have been able to keep going.


Describe your brand of music?

I will say I am versatile but then I started with rap music (that’s what inspired my name Rapkiddah) but I do more of Afro-pop at the moment. I just always try to satisfy my fans.


Where do you see yourself in the next few years in the industry?

I will be an achiever, that is changing the game  by bringing my own kind of music


With the big names in the music industry, how to you intend to stand out?

The big names in the music industry have their own kind of music, that why I said I want to bring in my own kind of sound. When I come out with something different, I will stand out, I will be a challenge to established acts because my style will be a game changer.


Who do you look up to in the music industry?

I really look up to Wizkid. I would really love to be, one day, featured in his shows because he is an Afro-pop achiever


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