4 Ways Bleaching Creams Are Harmful To Your Body

Skin is the outer layer of the body of all humans and animals which serves as protection to the body against germs and helps to regulate body temperature. Skin is the body’s largest organ which is made of water, fats, protein, and minerals. Primarily, the colour of the skin is determined by genetic factors.

According to healthengine.com, human skin color is classified as the following: extremely fair skin, fair skin, medium skin, olive skin, moderately pigmented brown skin and markedly pigmented black skin.

Due to certain factors, many people, especially black people end up bleaching their skin colour with different creams and lotions which may be harmful to the body. There are various reasons behind it.

They include inferiority complexes by those who believe that light skin is associated with privilege, higher societal status, and beauty.

Other reasons for bleaching the skin include eradicating racial discrimination, media and advertising skin stereotyping, attracting people of the opposite sex and peer pressure, among others.

The use of bleaching cream is not gender-based, as both males and females patronize bleaching creams.

However, it is most common among the female gender.

While it may not be difficult to bleach one skin from black to white, it is something not to be encouraged as it comes with various effects, which may be harmful to your body.

Bleaching creams contain harmful chemical elements such as mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, retinoids, niacinamide, and so on.

Skin bleaching creams come with serious health issues, which may not be immediate but affect one’s health condition in the long run. Some of the popular harmful effects of bleaching cream will be discussed in this article below


1.  Cancer

Yes, cancer. You heard that right. One of the popular ingredients of most bleaching creams is hydroquinone which can lead to cancer when used for a long time. People who use bleaching cream that contain hydroquinone are vulnerable to leukemia, kidney and liver cancer.


2. Prone to injury

As a result of the stretching and thinning of the skin caused by these bleaching creams, users of these creams find it difficult to heal quickly from a wound or injury, compared to those who don’t bleach their skin.


3. Damage to the renal

This is yet another harmful effect of bleaching creams on your body. This is most common in bleaching creams that contain mercury. Long-term use of cream containing mercury can pose a threat to a likely life-threatening renal damage. There is a certain level mercury can reach in the body, anything above that level will not be tolerated by the body and can lead to untimely death.


4. Hypertension

Another harmful effect of bleaching cream is hypertension. Long-term use of bleaching cream containing topical steroids can lead to hypertension. It can equally elevate the body’s blood sugar level and suppresses the body’s natural steroids.

Some of the remedies to already damaged skin as a result of bleaching creams include the following: Aloe vera massage, potato skin, lavender oil, turmeric, raw milk, ice cube.

When society assumes a particular skin color is superior and more acceptable than the others should be put an end to. People should stop feeling inferior about their skin color and avoid harming their health in the process of looking for how to whiten their skin color.



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