4 family members die after eating cassava flour meal in Kogi

Four members of a family have died in MopaMuro Local Government Area of Kogi state after eating a meal of Amala, made from Cassava flour.

It was gathered that the family members died after one another between Friday 30 September and Sunday 2 October after they ate dinner on Thursday evening.

The deceased included head of the family, Pa. Motilewa, two daughters and a relation. One of the deceased daughters identified as Motun was an NCE holder and teacher in the town. The mother, however, miraculously survived.

The event has left residents of the town and the entire neighbourhood in mourning, fear and confusion, with many calling for an investigation into the deaths of the family members.

It was gathered that the family prepared the amala from the leftover cassava from which they had previously made and eaten Fufu. They were said to have spread the processed shafts in the sun to dry for some days.

The dried cakes were subsequently ground into soft powder which was used for Amala which they ate on Thursday evening, before retiring to bed.

A source familiar with the disaster said the victims became sick overnight and efforts were made to stabilise them. But unfortunately, the youngest member of the family passed on Friday, quickly followed on Saturday by the relation living with the family.

With the sudden passage, the others were moved to the highly rated ECWA Hospital, Egbe for better medical attention.

Sadly, the eldest of the daughters, Motun gave up the ghost at about 3 am Sunday. The father also died later the same Sunday.

Members of the community are said to be suspecting foul play in the sudden deaths and had therefore stopped the burial for proper investigations.

“We are shocked. I have never seen a thing like this. We suspect that someone may have poisoned the food. For what? We cannot tell.  I’m confused and in pain. This is too much to bear,” a member of the family lamented.

At the time of this report, the mother, identified as Molomo is still alive in the hospital and under close observation.



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