4 Business Ideas To Sell A Lot In 2020

Is it an inspiring list with digital business ideas for 2020 that you need? We bring together the main trends and promising segments to undertake on the internet. These are tips on markets, products and business models that promise to leverage online sales in 2020 – and that you can already test in practice.

Want to get ahead of the competition and become a successful digital entrepreneur? Follow the reading and start as soon as possible!

Why invest in digital business ideas 2020

Digital business ideas 2020 are already on the radar of entrepreneurs, as online consumption continues to grow in Nigeria. So, this is the time to get business ideas off the ground and put your website, blog, online store or online channel. Let’s help with some suggestions and insights.

4 digital business ideas 2020

Want to get inspired with digital business ideas 2020 and start making money over the internet?

Then check out our exclusive tips, based on the latest trends in digital entrepreneurship.

  1. Sell clothes and accessories online

    Last year, non-durable goods drove the growth of e-commerce, with an emphasis on the fashion and accessories segment – with an 18% share of the online market. In other words: selling clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry can be a good deal on the internet. You can start selling your products in a marketplace and expand the business to your own virtual store. It is worth remembering that advanced features such as virtual fitting rooms are optimizing the purchase of fashion online and overcoming the main objections of these consumers. In addition, the exchange and return services are increasingly agile, further increasing the confidence of the e-shopper.

  2. Create a subscription club

    With the fall in the popularity of collective purchases, digital subscription clubs came on the scene. This type of online business offers wine kits, beers, books, clothing, pet products and even erotic products selected according to the profile of the service’s subscribers. Thus, the customer receives the products monthly from the comfort of his home, with the privilege of advanced curation.

    3. Bet on SaaS solutions

    SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions boosted the growth of the IT market in 2018 and are gaining more momentum. The forecast of the consultancy Gartner is that this business model will grow 22% by the end of 2020, according to data published in Computer World. Basically, SaaS is cloud software sold on a monthly subscription model, which saves the customer from the installation bureaucracy and the payment of usage licenses. This segment includes marketing, finance, HR, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and completes ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, for example. So, if you have an affinity with the B2B (Business to Business) market and technology, SaaS is a highly promising business.

  3. Sell perfumes, cosmetics and health products

    The category of perfumes, cosmetics and health products is tied with the fashion and accessories segment in the leadership of online sales. The advantage, in this case, is that they are products of long validity and easy to be stored and sent by the Post Office or carrier.

They are the types of businesses that are suitable for beginners. If you are more experienced later, you might be able to switch to more prospective online businesses. But if your goal is to only make money from the Internet, betting on online casinos like online-casinos.ng can be an option worth considering.


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