2nd term: Saka, Funky Mallam, Ibinabo, Shan George, other celebrities set agenda for Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been sworn infor a second tenure in office following his victory at the polls. This holds significant import to the status of the nation’s democracy. It also presents another opportunity for the president to refocus and prioritise on the most inimical challenges facing the nation. Some members of the Nigerian movie industry known as Nollywood have highlighted some of the areas of grave importance to many Nigerians with the next level agenda of the Buhari administration. Newton-Ray Ukwuoma brings. Their views.

Actress Vivian Anani

Mr President should prioritise these challenges in this order. Security, job creation, health, education and agriculture. We have had a trying four years, Mr President must make these next four years better for all Nigerians. God bless Nigeria!


Actress Uche Ogbodo

There is so much that comes to mind when expectations are mentioned but healthcare is at the forefront for me. My expectations from the Nigerian government this year is that healthcare delivery would be of paramount importance to them. A lot of Nigerians die daily due to poverty and lack of funds to facilitate the out-of-pocket payment for health services, especially in treating chronic illnesses. I expect the government to provide dedicated funds for such diseases and emergences. I expect the government to expand the scope of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to accommodate a significant proportion of the Nigerian populace.


Actor Deyemi Okanlowan

I believe that the most pressing matter we face as a nation is our constitution. I would hope that in this last chapter of his time in office, the president will find the political willpower to call for a result-focused national conference or at the very least, look into the recommendations from the 2014 national conference, to re-examine and revise our constitution and laws.

A progressive constitution, coupled with a strong national vision will have far reaching impact in galvanising the entire nation towards development and his success in accomplishing this would be a legacy that will be remembered by generations to come. Instituting the right laws will go a long way in battling some of our most significant issues as a nation – our politics, the economy, security and corruption.

Other low hanging fruits include massive recurrent expenditure cuts, especially in the area of salaries and welfare packages of government officials and public office holders which should free up funds for capital/infrastructure projects and the even more needed human capacity development of the Nigerian youth/workforce, in industries that contribute most to our GDP.


Actor Funky Mallam

Mr President’s priority should be on boosting the economy. He should also concentrate more on security, in solving electricity problem and creating more jobs.


Actress Shan George

I congratulate him on his second term, and pray he prioritises the well-being of Nigeria as a country over any other thing like religion and tribe. He should appoint right professionals for the right offices, not square pegs in round holes because of politics or favouritism. God bless Nigeria!


Actor Chinedu Ikedieze

The president should tackle the spate of insecurity in the land. The police and all law enforcement agencies need to be more empowered and equipped to check the rise in criminality in the land.


Model, actress Dabota lawson

Electricity should be his major priority, electricity and security.  I was not happy about his last four years. I know that he isn’t the only political leader expected to fix Nigeria. But to be honest, I was not happy with the first tenure, especially as a young entrepreneur. The way the exchange rate skyrocketed and the hike in the prices of things has been very difficult for all of us who are young and in business. But I believe that if he can fix electricity and security, things will turn around again for good.


Actor Hafiz Oyetoro  aka Saka

He should continue with the eradication or reduction of corruption without being one sided. The country is hard because it is no more business as usual. If he continues with this current trend of no-business-as-usual, it will pay Nigeria a lot. He should work harder on how to eradicate corruption. If corruption is removed, then there will be more efficiency and equal distribution of resources in Nigeria. Now that our president is healthy, he should be very careful in choosing people that will work with him.

His first 100 days in office should be concentrated on selecting people that will work with him, not people that will be working for their pockets. If he has the right team to work with, I believe that things will be better for Nigeria than it is now. Judging from what is going on right now, the last four years was all right. Buhari has come to rebuild a nation that has been fouled with corruption. It is not easy to rebuild a nearly-collapsed house. He has come and he has tried his best considering the fact that he was not feeling fine the first few years of his administration. Now that he is well, now that he is ready to work, I call on Nigerians, without any bias or political leaning, to work with him. I think he has done well considering how he came; almost two years of his administration was spent in the hospital either in Nigeria or outside Nigeria. I think people should allow him to solidify the foundation he has laid. There is now this awareness that you must not be corrupt. He has exposed a lot of atrocities being perpetrated by our politicians.

Now, we are aware that people hide money in septic tanks, that a lot of people are making money through corrupt practices. The only area I will like Buhari to work extra ordinarily harder is in the area of security. A lot of people have been killed. I think Buhari should work harder on that. We do not hear about Boko Haram anymore, but the rise in Fulani herdsmen killing, banditry and kidnapping must be checked. The idea is that there must be safety of life and property irrespective of wherever you come from. All of us should continue to pray for him and for our country. Buhari should also pray for himself, so that his leadership will be applauded all over the world.


Actress Ibinabo Fiberesima

First thing first: He should tackle security. When the land is secured, everyone will be happier for it. Security and power should be his priority. He came into the system from a different era and mindset. For almost two years, the old system hit him hard. But we began to see some positive works during the last few years of his first tenure. So, I believe that these next four years will be better because he has understood the system a lot better now than before.


Amina Ekpo, 2OO1 Miss Nigeria

He should look at the living condition of the masses and the setting up of the right structures to effectively address cogent issues as quality public schools, jobs, health, housing, sanitation/hygiene, food.


Model, actress, Sandra Omo

The fact that Nigeria is lacking in every area of development makes prioritising even more difficult.  I believe the focus should be on everything: health,  education,  justice,  corruption,  security,  good roads, other infrastructure, and the economy.

Society needs all these to function well. How do you prioritise anything over the thousands of Nigerians dying in accidents as a result of bad roads or those being killed by armed robbers and kidnappers because of the lack of security in the country?  How do you prioritise anything over the degrading health system that leads to the death of millions of Nigerians year in year out? Everything is a priority this time and we cannot afford to neglect any aspect.