Nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery… —Pelumi of Jenifa’s Diary


Joy Nice, popularly known as Pelumi in Funke Akindele’s Jenifa’s Diary, is an actress, television presenter and an indigene of Akwa Ibom State. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE,  she speaks on her career and fashion preferences. Excerpts: 


Growing up

It was really fun. I am the last child in my family. My parents were very protective of me and I was a happy child. Though I was pampered, I wasn’t spoilt. If I did anything wrong they would discipline me. I went to Prime Montessori School for my nursery and primary school and Darman Model College for my secondary education.  I am a 300 level Business Administration student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Lagos State.


Foray into acting

I got into acting in 2010.  Then, I went for an Emem Isong audition in Surulere, Lagos State and I was selected to play a sub-lead role in the Series CATWALQ. That was how I started my journey into acting. Apart from that, I have featured in Tinsel, Family Ties, Two Sides of a Coin, Lagos Cougars, Jenifa’s Diary and so on.


Challenges faced as an up-and-coming actress

The major challenge I faced was people not believing that one has talent and also finding  it difficult to get jobs. However, through consistency and hard work, I have been able to come this far. Now, people refer me to producers and directors and I thank God for that.


How I got the role of Pelumi in Jenifa’s Diary

I used to work with a media company as a presenter and producer. It was one of my colleagues in the company; Obinna, who introduced me to the producer, Funke Akindele, who asked me to come for  audition, I did and the rest is now history.


Life as a producer

I used to present a programme called E-Drive on Silverbird Television (STV) but I am currently working with R2TV, where I co-host a show called Red Carpet Couture.


Role models

Funke Akindele and Joke Silva because of their hard work and dedication to their craft which has made them continue to be relevant in the industry.


Philosophy of life

Put God first in all you do and He will lead you. Also, to be called successful, you have to be part of another person’s success.


Description of self

I am your girl next door. I love God, my family and my good friends.


Coping with competition

Well, I am not in competition with anyone .I am just doing what I love, so I take it one step at a time.


Definition of style

Style is an expression of who you are, people can identify who you are with your sense of style. I don’t follow trends, I just wear what I am comfortable in. My mode of dressing is usually determined by where I am going to, whether it is a social event, seminar or just to hang out with friends. However, I love casual outfits a lot because they are really comfortable. I love to be simple and comfortable while also looking good at the same time.


My beauty regimen

I drink a lot of water, I try not to go under the sun, eat fruits daily and of course, eat good food.


Favourite designers

My sister, Lapax fashion, CLAN and Lanre Da Silva.


Accessories I can’t do without when going out

My handbag and shoes.


What I can’t be caught dead wearing

I can’t be caught wearing a very short and skimpy dress.


Opinion on toning

Well, if you must tone, use the right products so you don’t damage your skin


My take on provocative dressing

I believe in the saying that  dress the way you would want to be addressed. I also believe that one should always dress appropriately.


What I will like to change about myself

To improve myself and be better in what I do.


My opinion on cosmetic surgery

If you must do it, get a good doctor so you don’t end up damaging your body but I feel God made all of us to be beautiful. I don’t think we should tamper with what He has already done.


Special treat

I love going to the spa, shopping and eating good food. That’s how I pamper myself


How I handle advances from male fans

Friendly, politely and strictly in a formal way.


Qualities I want in a man

I want a man who genuinely loves God, is hardworking and kind to others.


Pains and gains of being a celebrity

The pain is that you lose your privacy, while the gain is being appreciated for what you do.


To my fans

I say God bless you all for all the love and support.



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