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It’s nobody’s business if I tone my skin — Damilola Ayobami Peter


Nollywood actress, Damilola Ayobami Peter, is a graduate of Religious Studies from the University of Lagos, Lagos State. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE, she speaks on her acting career. 


Growing up

It was nice. I am from a Christian home. I am the first of four children. My parents are disciplinarians who did not tolerate any nonsense from us.


Foray into acting

It was Funso Adeolu who motivated me to go into acting. I used to watch him on TV and loved the way he used to act. His younger brother, Seyi, was my teacher in primary school and I used to tell him that I would be an actor like his brother. He always advised me to face my studies and told me that I could only become an actress after I might have graduated from the university and that was what I did. After I graduated from the university, I saw an advertisement on TV so, I joined a theatre group in 2008. My boss was Anthony Ogundimu a.k.a Ara Abeokuta, who trained me. Along the line, I met another actress, Adewumi Fatai, who happened to be a very good friend of mine who helped me a lot in the industry. She gets jobs for me all the time. I have featured in movies like, Effisy Po, Trust, Tales of Eve, Detola Nubi, Betty, Sheboy and so on.


Challenges  faced

I didn’t really face any challenge because of my relationship with Adewumi Fatai. I was accepted and   loved by everyone, especially by my senior colleagues like Fathia Balogun, Iyabo Ojo, Liz Da Silva and Foluke Daramola. The only person who had a grudge with me is Toyin Aimakhu and I don’t know the reason for that, maybe it is because she doesn’t like my person. I wanted her to be a nice caring sister but not everyone will like someone.


Other things I do aside acting

I also work as the secretary of Alhaji Ganiu Oyedepo popularly known as Koko Zaria.


Coping with competition in the industry

I just have to do what I know I can do. I don’t have to compete with anyone.


What distinguishes me from other actresses

I am a young, black and plus-size lady who is able to play any role assigned to her very well. Not all young plus-size people can play their roles well.


Role restriction

I can’t act nude because I don’t like to expose my body. Apart from that, I am good to go.


Most embarrassing thing a fan did to me

It was the day I was inside a bus and some guys came and said that if I did not give them money, they won’t allow me to come down from the bus. Other passengers were looking at us so I had no other choice than to give them what they wanted. I was so embarrassed that day.


Philosophy of life

Make use of every little time you have; spend it in a good way because time waits for no one.


Definition of style

Style to me is wearing anything that you are comfortable in. I love to buy colourful items.


Beauty regimen

I make sure I take good care of every part of my body. I cleanse and moisturise my skin and I also make sure I use good hair and body products.


What I can’t be caught dead wearing

I can’t be caught dead in anything that exposes my bra or wearing a clown make-up to a wedding.


 Fashion obsessions

Shoes, wristwatch and earrings.


Special treat

I go out and buy myself new things, both the ones I need and the ones I don’t need because I see myself as a queen


My opinion on provocative dressing

I don’t like flaunting my body so I don’t dress provocatively.


My view on cosmetic surgery

If anybody feels she wants to do cosmetic surgery, she is free but for me, it is cool. When the time comes and I think I need to be botched, I need to visit Dr Terry Dubrow.


My take on toning

If I feel I don’t like my colour anymore, I can tone my skin and that is my business so I say a big yes to toning.


How I handle advances from male fans

Well, I tried to talk to them in an appropriate way because they are my fans and I love them.


Qualities I want in a man

He must be God-fearing, educated, lover of children and most importantly, he must be caring.


Why I can’t marry an actor

I can’t marry an actor because we will both want to leave home for locations and sometimes we might not come back home for a week or more, our kids will miss their parents.


Gains and pains of being an actress

The gain is that when you go out, people will recognise you and want to meet you because you are an actress. The pain is that most of our loved ones don’t take us seriously when we are pouring out our hearts to them, they usually feel that one is acting.  It is also painful when some people don’t appreciate you because you are an actress. That could be annoying.


To my fans

A big thank you to them. Without them, there is no Ayobami and I promise not to disappoint them. I also want to tell them that I need their prayers.


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