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Entertainment runs in my blood —Dot G

Joseph Adedotun Ajayi, popularly known as Dot G, is one of the ones to watch, according to critics in the Nigerian entertainment industry as he has, in a few years, released songs with notable acts in the entertainment scene. He recently spoke to ROTIMI IGE.

How did you get interested in music?

I had always really loved entertainment right from my secondary school days but didn’t really know my calling was music. My love for entertainment has linked me up with lots of producers like Tizze Spellz and entertainment gurus so these people made me love music because I was always with them and always getting lectures about music from them. I remember in my high school days, I used to get assignments from Spellz where he would tell me to watch movies on how hip hop started, helping to develop my lyrics and later giving him feedback after which I was able to record my first track with guidance from Tizze.


How did you coin your stage name, Dot G?

I got the name Dot G from the CEO of Shake Em Up dance group, Dayo Taiwo. On that fateful day, he just told me, ‘Your name would be Dot G. The Dot is from my name Dotun and the G represents Ginger because I have a lot of ginger. I always give my best every time.


Who are you mentors?

I don’t have a particular mentor but anyone that does good music with melodious sounds and anyone who  achieves his goals big time like Wizkid, Davido, etc are icons to me.


What kind of music do you do?

I do Afrobeats/Newskul music


Tell us a bit about your songs.

My first official single was ‘Shaka dance’ with Skales which was a major hit everywhere. We made the song about four years ago after that I followed up with ‘LesoLeso’, ‘Jisoro’ and then my latest track, ‘Sukus’ which is currently getting massive airplay all over Africa. The song was produced by TeekayWitty, the same producer that produced ‘Wonder woman’ for Davido. It’s a bashment jam and it talks about and appreciates the presentation of dance by African women.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

I don’t like to brag, but with God’s help I see myself much more bigger than this.


What other projects are you involved in?

I have a song with Zlatan and Yonda.

Tell us about your typical day?

I am always in the studio or go to events to shut down shows. I get to have fun with colleagues at times.


What challenges have you faced in your craft?

I have been through a lot of challenges; there was a time I had no where to stay in Lagos and at that same time, my car got stolen. It was a terrible experience for me but I thank God for life right now.


What should fans expect from you?

Like i always say, I would never disappoint my fans. They should expect the best from me and continue to support the brand..


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My real name is Joseph Adedotun Oluwasegun Ajayi.  I am a cool headed person with big dreams. I studied Politics and International Relations at the Lead City University and I am also an event planner.



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