22 qualities of a good husband

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I got this article on my WhatsApp group and I know it will bless your marriage. Please enjoy it.

If you desire to be the husband every woman would love to have, here are 22 qualities of a good husband. Take note and be the one.


  1. Give peace

He should be a peace maker, knowing how to calm tense moments and avoid drama


  1. Create humour

He should know how to be her clown, how to make her smile, how to make her remember him when he is far from her and find herself smiling all by herself


  1. Protect

This world can be tough for a woman; his mother, his sister, his friends, her friends, her boss, strangers might attack her. He should have the ability to keep her safe and make her feel she has an ally.


  1. Serve

He should put his ego aside and attend to his wife and family even without being asked, anticipating their needs, being there as her hero. To lead is to serve.


  1. Defend her from himself

A man can become his wife’s worst enemy, the pain he can cause her if he chooses to harm her physically, emotionally, sexually or financially is too great. He should make sure he doesn’t be her worst mistake


  1. Inspire

His words carry so much weight. Words of appreciation and encouragement are enough to keep her going, he should keep refueling and recharging her.


  1. Help and support

He should care about her dreams and life goals and be her purpose partner, helping her be the best version of herself. He should ease her load and help out at home. They are a team


  1. Give stability and security

He should make sure that he is consistent, being her constant, a steady hand. When a woman is given clarity, she lets down her guard and releases her love

  1. Touch

He should understand how sensitive a woman’s skin is and how it loves to be touched. He should learn the non-verbal communication of touch, how to rub her back, hold her waist, stroke her skin and cuddle up with her


  1. Ability to need his wife

He should also have the ability to be vulnerable, to need his wife, to allow her to do the above things to him, to be there for him, to trust her with his issues and to give her room to love him. Women love being of value.

Credit: Rev Ham Ola


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