We delivered the job he paid for —Western Omodu, Duncan’s manager

Are you aware of the allegation that Duncan Mighty was said to have been paid over a million naira to feature in a song by Nigerian born, Norway-based artiste, Appyday.  Could you tell us what you know about this deal?

The deal was to feature Duncan Mighty in a song and we had an agreement. They never paid Duncan one million naira as claimed by the artiste. He was just being unrealistic. What he paid Duncan was 700, 000 naira. The deal was that they would send the song to Duncan to record his verse and he would send it back to them. That was exactly what we did. If he had issues with us, he should reach out to Duncan or I instead of taking the matter to the social media to draw people’s sympathy because he paid 700, 000 naira.


But did you send record the song as agreed?

Yes, we recorded the song and we sent it to them.


He said you didn’t show up as agreed in the agreement you both signed and that you were never part of the video shoot?

That is not true. We were never told they were ready for the video. We recorded the audio as agreed and we are still waiting for them to tell us when the video shoot will come up.


Is it true that as part of your agreement to appear in the video shoot, you requested for another three hundred thousand naira (N300,000) that will cover for Duncan’s hotel and Business Class flight?

We have a standard that must be met by anybody who likes to have Duncan on a song and video. Duncan flies Business Class and if you want to feature him, you must be ready to provide these things. Duncan just returned from Cyprus where all his expenses were paid for by the client who needed his services. I don’t have any apology for that. If you have set a standard for yourself and somebody needs you to provide the service, they must be willing to do what is needed to be done.

So why did you fail to show up for the video shoot if you had been paid?

They never paid us that money. I can send the screen shots of our conversations and transactions to you on Whatsapp if you want to see them. I have nothing to hide here because this is not the first time we would having collaboration with people. So, I don’t understand why this should be causing any problem. The guy has not paid for the video, so there was no way Duncan would be part of the video in the first place.


But he claimed that the agreement initially was to pay one million naira (N1,000,000) for the studio session and video appearance. He paid 70 per cent upfront and promised to the balance when Duncan shows up for the video shoot. How do you react to this?

He should show you the evidence of that payment.  If he paid 7o per cent of the money, has he paid the balance? The flight and hotel accommodation was not part of the deal he alluded to was not part of the deal. It was just the normal standard that we usually request from who wants to fly Duncan to his place for a collaboration.  Wizkid does it. Every big artiste does it as well. This is a common practice. I think the guy is just looking for cheap publicity, which he will never get from us.


Will you shoot the video now if he invites you?

See, my brother, we are businessmen apart from being a musician. Duncan understands the business aspect of the job and would be ready to work with the man if we can reach an agreement. If the date he picks does not clash with other engagements we have been committed to, then we will be there.



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