My husband is fetish, kept my undies in his room full of charms, woman tells court

•She took N65,000 for our reconciliation, kept our son away from me —Man

A woman, Yetunde Adewole, has sought  for  the divorce of her husband, Taiwo Adewole,  whom she got married to 10 years ago, at the Idi Ape Grade C Customary Court, Ibadan North East, Oyo State.

Yetunde  in her suit claimed that her  husband  didn’t  take care of her and their child. She added that he constantly threatened and maltreated her while living with him.

The plaintiff told the court she was no more interested in their marriage.

According to her, she has packed out of  her husband’s house since November, 2018  because of his irresponsible acts.

“My Lord, I am tired of this union. My husband is fetish. I found my undies in his private room. He has a room where he kept his charms and this was always under lock. He was always threatening my life and failed to  take care of me and  our child while I was with him.

“He refused to pay me the money he’s  owing me and likewise failed to give me the plot of land he promised me. He called for a settlement after I moved out of his house and my mother came with me, but he disgraced her  when he invited her to a  palace  in Osun State.

“My lord, I reported him to his parents  but he refused to  change his ways.”

The defendant did not admit to claim.

He stated that he didn’t owe the plaintiff any money, adding that there was no quarrel between them before she moved out of the house with their child. He added that she had since then  denied him access to him.

“My lord, I built her a shop in my house and gave her money to start a business because I love her.

“She moved out of my house without any reason  and went with our child without my consent. She barred me from having access to him.

“I have no idea of our child’s  whereabouts.  When I called her to speak with him she refused. My mother in-law frustrated every effort at meeting with my father in-law while she always took sides with my wife any time we had a misunderstanding.

“I  made attempt at having the difference between my wife and I resolved and she promised to come back home if I would give her money. I sent  her N65,000 but she failed to return home.

“I went to her father’s family after all efforts to have our differences resolved through her mother failed, but they didn’t attend to the matter. My second attempt to reach her mother took me to their palace wherein her mother was called upon but she failed to show up for settlement.”

Taiwo, however, insisted that the court ordered the plaintiff to bring the child to court.

Having listened to both parties, the court president, Moses Oyekanmi, dissolved their union and ordered the plaintiff to bring the child  to court.


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