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Inspiring oneself to become a legend

BECOMING A Legend,  a 72-page inspirational book of ten chapters by Williams Okoye is richly spiced with the needed recipe for success towards becoming a legend.

The book serves as an impetus to smoulder the dream of anyone whose ambition for greatness seems tasking in a world with endless challenges.

The author emphasises the fact that our dreams and passion for success will remain at a state of rest until a mental force is applied.

And in defining success, Okoye quoted Henry Ford who said, ‘All our dreams can come true if we had the courage to pursue them; the whole secret of a successful life is to find out what one’s destiny is and do it.’

According to the author, success can be replicated while operating under the same principles of successful people, and with all other factors constant so as to get the same results, noting that being great at what you do would mark you out as being legendary in that field.

One fascinating aspect of the book is its structure, as the author carefully outlined basic principles to follow towards achieving success, and ultimately becoming a legend.

In chapter two of the book, Okoye emphasises the fact that success starts from within, that is, the mind.

Success, according to him, starts from within and then radiates or manifests from the inside out. He upholds the view that if you can envision it and believe it, then it is possible.

The author describes a step-by-step approach towards becoming a legend in chapter three.

In this chapter, Okoye explains success as a journey, and thus highlights the pre-requisites in order to get to the anticipated success destination.

Self-development for maximisation of one’s potential forms the nucleus of chapter five.

Here, Okoye draws inference from a balloon, which he says derives its ability to fly from its content, noting that whatever we need to achieve success and greatness resides in us.

In chapter seven, the author discusses the importance of learning the right guidelines from those who had already plied our road to success so as to avoid pitfalls while navigating to our destination.

Chapter nine deals with procrastination the enemy of progress, which inhibits any dream towards becoming a legend.

In the concluding chapter ten, Okoye dwells on living legends like Richard Branson, co-founder of Virgin, a British Multinational Capital conglomerates; Ophrah Winfrey, a media executive and television producer; 34-year-old Mark Zukerberg, American technology entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Facebook; and Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, all of whom the author acknowledges,  applied  similar principles of success enumerated in this book to become legends and a blessing to humanity in their chosen fields.

The author rounded off the book with a clarion call on everyone to leave a legacy that would outlive them long after their exit from this side of the divide.

Anambra-born Ibadan-based Williams Okoye is an entrepreneur, consultant, motivational speaker and mentor to teenagers and young adults, supporting them towards actualising their potential early in life.


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