Enjoy egusi soup with pounded yam this weekend

Egusi soup with pounded yam is food relished in many parts of Nigeria. This combination of soup and ‘swallow’ stands out among other ‘swallow’ categories because of how popular and mouth-watering it is. The culinary uniqueness of this tantalising combination comes from the rich recipes used in preparing the egusi soup and the soft, smooth texture of the pounded yam which gives it a yummy taste in your mouth.

Let us go straight to how to prepare this delicious food.




Snail, crayfish and fish (fresh/dry)

Meat and ponmo

Pepper and onion

Salt and seasoning cubes

Vegetable of choice (ugwu)


Red oil





Wash and dice the snail, ponmo, meat and fish. Cook them with onion, salt and seasoning cubes for like three minutes. Pour red oil in a pot and add grounded egusi seed, then fry and stir. Keep stirring till it becomes red.

Add a little amount of water to it, preferably stock, that is the water used in cooking the meat and the fish. Add onion and pepper and stir. Add seasoning cubes and salt then, leave to cook for a few minutes. Wash the diced vegetable and add it  to the soup. Allow the content of the put to boil for three minutes.

Peel slices of yam and cook them without salt. When they are soft, put them down from the fire. Put them in a mortar and pound them with pestle. Pound till they are soft, smooth and lumpless paste.

The egusi soup and pounded yam are ready for your culinary experience.


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