Living green: Eko Hotels & Suites commences eco-friendly campaign

Living green or being more aware about ways to actively participate in keeping our environment clean and sustainable for the future generation is a serious movement in which one can revolutionise the way we live in and act towards the environment.

There is a growing need to drive conversations and interest in environmental conservation. The recognition of its impact on tourism cannot be understated as evidenced by the growing trends across the world.

Travellers are consistently seeking accommodation that supports eco-friendly initiatives. Keeping this in mind, Eko Hotels and Suites located Lagos is taking the lead as the largest indigenous hotel to drive this cause by introducing environmentally conscious elements/attitude to running its operations.

According to the management of Eko Hotels and Suites “We see great opportunity in building capacity in an area that improves the personal welfare of guests, their families and our society more broadly. As part of the programs and activities planned around the Eco-Friendly campaign, EKo Hotels & Suites will be hosting a painting contest.

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The Eco Friendly Children Painting Contest is a visual art contest that encourages students to create a piece of art inspired by nature that surrounds us, reflecting a society that encourages innovative and sustainable waste management, Energy & Water conservation.

The main objectives of the art Competition are to help children develop a sense of respect and care for the natural environment & to express their thoughts and ideas about their environment.

To raise awareness in schools about the importance of the natural environment and ways of preserving it;

To demonstrate student’s knowledge about recycling and natural greenery of their communities and to help students realise that each individual has a social responsibility to contribute to the protection and preservation of the environment.

The visual arts challenge is open to selected secondary schools in Eti-Osa Local government in Lagos State for students between ages 12 and 15 of public and private schools.

Of the selected 20 participating schools, 10 will be shortlisted to partake in the grand finale. Shortlisted artists and their guardians will be treated to a two day all-expense paid, activity filled weekend at the Eko Hotels and Suites leading up to the contest date which falls on April 22 (Earth Day) 2019.


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