My marriage crashed a year ago, Mofeduncan breaks silence

Says ‘I am fine with my family’

Three years after his superlative wedding to his wife Jessica, popular actor, Mofeduncan has finally opened up on his broken marriage. It was a hard decision for the actor, as findings by R revealed that he tried to stay away from the public drama that the break-up would attract.

Days ago, news filtered in through the social media platforms that all may not be well with Mofe’s marriage as a popular blog even said that the wife had confirmed her separation from him. But the big actor managed to stay away from the drama.

Not many people could tell what could have led to the crash of a union that many celebrated its consummation in style about three years ago. In fact, close friends of the actor and family friends were said to have made moves to calm frayed nerves and put the issue to rest.

Findings by R, however revealed that the couple struggled to keep their home together for more than a year, as they were said to have had issues bordering on distrust and lack of communication.

After much pressure, Mofe took to his Instagram account on Friday to break his silence and confirmed that his marriage had crashed about one year ago as against what was being reported on the social media.

According to the actor, the marriage ended a year ago and has maintained a cordial relationship with both families.

“My family and I were waiting for the right time to make an official statement but the social media has its own way of doing things,” he said.

The statement added: “I thank you all who have shown concern and sent prayers and messages. May God repay the kindness. My marriage has been over for over a year as I have remained cordial with both families and would continue to remain cordial as God continues to guide me. My family is doing well and I am doing well as I have moved on with my life and my career and I appreciate all the support shown so far.”

Efforts to reach Jessica to hear her side of the story did not succeed, as she declined comment’s even through one of her close friends.


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