Have a taste of yam porridge this weekend

Yam porridge is a special type of African food prepared majorly from yam. Its uniqueness has to do with its recipe—depending on locality and culture—that comprises, but not limited to crayfish, snail, carrot, dry fish, variety of pepper and green beans.

Relished more during New Yam Festivals, it can also be enjoyed during other ceremonies like weddings, birthdays, and even at homes and restaurants.

With all these inviting culinary qualities, it is surprisingly easy to prepare, and at the same sweetly addictive.

Let us go straight to the kitchen and prepare our mouth-watering yam porridge.




Pepper and onion


Palm oil



Snail and dry fish


Green beans

Green pepper and fish



Peel and cut the yam into bit

Put it in a pot and add a little water then place it back on fire

Allow to cook for about 20 minutes

Add your snail, crayfish, diced fish.

Add your carrot, green pepper, green beans, onion and pepper.

Add some seasoning and salt and  add water if necessary heat for more for 5 minutes.

Add palm oil and allow to heat for 5 minutes.

Stir the content thoroughly with spoon or turning stick, then allow it to heat for another minute.

Leave to steam for 1 minute.

Your porridge is ready to be served.


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