2023: Nigerians urged to jettison ethnic, religious sentiments

As the 2023 general election draws closer, a socio-political pressure group, the Ogbako Umunwanyi Igbo Worldwide, has urged Nigerians to jettison ethnic and religious sentiments while choosing their leaders.

The President of the group, Mrs Ifeoma Nwadike said this while speaking with newsmen in Owerri on Monday.

She urged Nigerians to look beyond political party affiliations while casting their votes, noting that the credibility and track record of candidates for different political positions should decide the ballot.

She advised the youth to think deeply so as to carefully select only those who are best suited for leadership positions at all levels, irrespective of their religious inclinations so that the country would have strong leadership.

She said: “Every electioneering period, the same old leaders are recycled, causing harm to our country. They say the youths are the leaders of tomorrow but look at those youths roaming around in abject poverty.”

She regretted that a lot of them have worked so hard to acquire an education but they can’t find good jobs and they go abroad to seek greener pastures, adding that some of them have even died in the wilderness trying to better their lives.

“For how long are we going to be like this and for how long will Nigeria continue to neglect our youths? The future of our country is at stake” she said.

She further said that the time had come for Nigerians to look beyond the political party of candidates and focus on the candidates themselves.

According to her, it would enable Nigerians to vote for leaders capable of redeeming the country from infrastructural backwardness and creating jobs for the teeming youths.

“A knowledgeable head, a credible head that has vision and mission to deliver good governance to the people of Nigeria, that’s the personality we should look out for and not political parties.”

She advised them to get their PVC and get ready to vote adding that when they vote, they should get ready to defend their votes.

“To the Youths of Nigeria, this is your time to act, it’s now or never. The change we desire for our country is right here with us,” she said.




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