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When Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints raised the stake on evangelism 

Long after Jesus ascended, Christians, all the world over, have continued to carry out the Great Commission with zeal. One recent example of the expansionist prospect of the Church was the creation of new stake, Ibadan North stake, by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the church conference that held in its branch at Jogor Centre in Ibadan, Oyo State. The conference, which witnessed a massive turnout of both adult and children, had as its highlight the selection of leaders to coordinate the activities of the new stake. Suffice to say that the creation of the new stake and the appointment of leaders were jointly performed by the church leaders, as the congregation was called upon to either agree or disagree with the proceedings that led to the creation of the new stake and the appointment of leaders.

Speaking at the event, the General Authority Seventy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Elder Marcus Nash, assured the congregation that the appointment of the leaders was not born out of favour of persons, but based an intimate communication with God. “We came with open page, without anyone in our heart. We came to look for the one the Lord would choose. We came with no preconceived notion,” said Elder Nash, alluding to the story of Samuel in Jesse’s house. He also charged the congregation and the newly appointed leader to be patient with each other, adding that, “leaders/followers are good and wonderful, but not perfect. Therefore, “be patient with each other.”

Perhaps nothing stirred the congregation to faith better than the final words of the elder. Convinced that money was not going to deliver any Christian but faith in God, Nash stressed that believers could limit what God could do if they did not believe God. He then summoned the congregation to take no counsel from their fears, but from their faith in God. He said: “We can limit what God can do in our lives if we do not believe. David believed God and he went into battle with Saul. Saul disdained and intimidated David with sword and spear, yet David didn’t look to the way of the world but of God. David had faith in God and God delivered him. Take no counsel from your fears but from your faith in God. I know it is not money that will deliver me, but my faith in God.”

On the importance of creating a stake, the Area Authority Seventy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Okechukwu Imo, observed that stakes, apart from expanding the reach of the church, are places of protection and gathering for the saints.  He, therefore, promised the appointed leaders that they would find their way to God as the mantle of leadership fall on them, and encouraged the congregation to be true disciples, as that was the only way by which Zion could expand.  “Why are stakes created? Stakes are places of protection, refuge and worship for the saints. As Ibadan North stake is created, I admonish you to be true disciples. That’s how Zion can expand. And to the leaders of new stake, as you receive the key of priesthood, you would find your way to God,” he added.


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