Six things to look out for at 2019 environment assembly

The United Nations Environment Assembly will take place on March 11 to 15, 2019 at the United Nations Compound, Nairobi, Kenya. The Assembly is the world’s highest-level environmental forum attended by Heads of State, environment ministers, CEOs of multinational companies, NGOs, environmental activists, and more, to discuss and make global commitments to environmental protection.

Here are six things the global environment body has as highlights of the event.

Firstly, there will be high-level leadership dialogues bringing together Heads of State, environment ministers and business leaders to discuss the way forward to economies that embrace sustainable consumption and production, and the innovations that will get us here.

Secondly, the assembly will be a meeting point for experts from the private sector, prominent scientists and leaders in environmental protection.

Thirdly, the event will be a platform to showcase environmental innovations by some of the boldest pioneers in the field.

Also, attendees should look forward to resolutions on sustainable consumption and production, adopted by all 193 UN Member States, creating a framework for a circular economy and a sustainable future.

Number five, the assembly will host the launch of the Global Environment Outlook. This is UN Environment’s flagship report that will give a comprehensive overview of the overall state of our environment and how it affects our social and economic status.

Six, there  will be  media roundtables with leaders of faith, business and innovation, sharing the broader story of environmental change and protection. Media roundtables will include: “Faith for Earth,” where prominent faith leaders will visit the Assembly to discuss ways to address environmental challenged through faith-based organizations: treating the earth as a gift; “The latest in the fight against plastic pollution,” “Playing for the Planet,” a discussion on how can the gaming industry promote the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals via their platforms and through their industry.

Others roundtables include “Green Collar jobs,”  to discuss how sustainable production and consumption opens up new opportunities for job creation.

The International Renewable Energy Agency projects that the current 8.1 million renewable energy jobs could increase to more than 24 million by 2030. Key leaders from education institutions and various employment sectors will shed light on the future of Green Collared jobs.

Also, there will be the “Launch of the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion.”

Fashion is a 2.5 trillion-dollar industry that employs approximately 60 million people worldwide. It is a key economic sector.

UN Environment notes the need to improve the fashion industry’s environmental footprint, by establishing a circular system for sustainable textile chains.



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