How To Tell If A First Date Should Be Your ONLY Date

How To Tell If A First Date Should Be Your ONLY Date

It causes a lot of women anxiety when it comes to a first date with a new guy.

Of course, no two women have the same ideas about what they wish to have on the date or even in the relationship; but few telltale signs show whether the man you are dating is meant for keeps or not!

Frankly, it isn’t that difficult to find out.

First things first, check to see the choice of a man’s dating venue. There must be some criteria to meet for the first date. It must be a casual, yet conservative public location.

But if you find that he hasn’t put much thought about choosing the location of the first date, it implies he’s not imaginative, or you don’t matter much to him.

Once the day is completed, it will help you cue in on what and where it is, and furthermore, decisions can be taken.

Confidence as a trait must be present in everyone.

But a man who faces difficulties in making decisions and keeps second guessing continuously is a sure-shot turn off as compared to someone who is not.

Invariably, such a person will leave everything to you. This tactic works amazingly well in most cases until you show you like to call the shots.

If you are a person who doesn’t mind having such a man with no or little confidence, then it won’t matter much to you.

Pay Attention to Little Things.

For example,

  • Does he choose to walk before you a few feet that show he’s not interested in walking beside you when in public?
  • Or when you go to eat with him, does he give the orders hurriedly without consulting you?
  • Does he mock or leer at you at the time of having a conversation?

Now, these are problematic signs for your relationship until you are controlled or dominated upon every time.


As outlined in this article, communication is thekeyto every relationship.

But, if you find that his notion about communicating is only bragging about himself and not caring whether you feel ill-at-ease in regards to this or not, high time you move on!

He might try and impress you by talking about his achievements but remember his focus lies on himself more than you.

Truth is, no matter how close two individuals are, courtesy cannot go amiss.

If you see your guy pulling that chair for you or opening the door, that’s indeed praiseworthy.

  • However, have you seen how he treats others before you?
  • Is his behavior questionable when it comes to addressing waiters?
  • Does he have only the wrong things to say about his ex?
  • Is it much the same with his friends, especially when they are no way close or within hearing range?
  • Does he dislike your friends and have negative things to say if they are not around?

Think about these for they will eventually open the door of yourunderstanding about him and what you must expect.

It’s never worth displaying manliness by mistreating others.

If you look at all these either collectively or individually, it will give you a clear picture of the type of man you have started to go around with.

The final decision then rests on you whether you wish to move ahead or move on!


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