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Top five places you can have fun this valentine

Valentine’s Day is already in the air! It’s tomorrow in fact and lovers are already listing potential places they can visit to renew their love and enjoy the best of the season in the most private, luxurious places possible. Valentine’s Day is a day to rekindle the flames of love and selflessly share with others. It is the perfect time to whisk your loved one away on an enchanting break (possibly without the kids) in a lush, serene and cosy hideout.

Wherever you are in Nigeria, the following are some of the places you can consider for a fascinating Valentine’s Day experience with your lover, spouse, and other loved ones:

  1. Valentine’s Day dinner at a five star hotel: If you are looking for a nice place to enjoy the best of Valentine’s Day with your lover or spouse, then a five star hotel is the place to be for dinner. You are sure to get a menu that is customised for a lovers’ evening and a slow accompanying music to perfect the atmosphere. The hotel sometimes gives out roses to ladies on this day.
  2. Weekend get away at a resort: If you are looking forward to a day out in a natural setting of beaches and palm trees, then go to the resort in your locality. A resort is the place to be on or before Valentine’s Day. Here you can enjoy local cuisines made with natural ingredients and also explore the resort hand-in-hand with your lover and spouse.
  3. Cinemas and Shopping Malls: Lovers can enjoy a different bite of Valentine’s Day by going to the cinemas as well as shopping malls located in the different states where they reside. Here you are sure to enjoy quality cinema movies, film premieres and even shop at any of the boutiques in the malls.
  4. Picnics at exotic gardens everywhere: Botanical gardens are great places to explore the wonders of nature with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with the love of your life at any of the gardens available in your town.
  5. Explore natural resorts and zoos: If you love wildlife and want to show off some rare animals in their natural habitats to your better half, then you might consider visiting a zoo and other natural resorts on Valentine’s Day.

Go over to the beach: Imagine the winds blowing against your face and the white sands crunching underneath your feet as you explore remote beaches with your love in tow. That is what happens on Valentine’s Day if you go to the beaches – any beach across the country. You can also visit a lake to a enjoy speed-boating and swimming with friends and family during this day out.


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