What made a young person like me go into entertainment anchor business —Victoria Olugbemi

Engagement anchoring which is unique and exclusively for Yoruba weddings is a business known to be for older women in Yoruba land. However, a young woman, the CEO of Vicky Entertainment World, Mrs Victoria Olugbemi, has excelled with her unique style of handing the Engagement Anchoring business, popularly called AlagaIduro. In this interview, she opened up on her journey in the business and her experience so far.


WHAT’S your background like?

I am Olugbemi Victoria Odunayo. I was born into a Christian home, where I was trained and nurtured with the word of God. I was born and brought up in Saki, Oyo State. I had both primary and secondary school education in Saki before gaining admission into Obafemi Awolowo University year 2008 to study Dramatic Arts. To the glory of God, I graduated in 2012, and served our nation, Nigeria.

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You studied dramatic arts, so what informed your decision to become an engagement anchor (alagaiduro) and not go into movie production?

Well, I believe it’s not yet time for me to go into movie production due to some reasons best known to me. What actually got me attracted to engagement anchoring business was the love and passion I have for it; then I also discovered my talents to be singing, dancing and acting.


How long have you been an engagement anchor?

Four years ago, I registered for training. But officially I have been on my own for two years now.


What has the patronage been and what have you done differently?

God has been faithful so far. I believe in everything one does, packaging is important. One has to package the business very well to be able to sway more customers. So, the idea of adding red carpet to the event came. Being a graduate of drama, I get dramatic sometimes so that nobody present at the occasion will be bored. I also make it participatory for everyone present just as though it were rehearsed.


In a country where unemployment is rife, is engagement anchor a business you can encourage unemployed youths to go into?

Of course. I have students that I have trained. To learn takes between three to six months of intensive training. I learnt mine within the period of three months. It all depends on how quick the learner grabs the rudiments.


How many employees does VickyE have now?

We don’t have permanent employees, just few people that we work with – the drummers and other orators. Most times, I pay them before each event. I call them VickkyE’s crew members.


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