Christians urged to mobilise against candidates with pro-same sex marriage agenda

Christians have been urged to reject any candidate with pro-same sex agenda in the coming 2019 general election.

This is just an indication has emerged that a frontline candidate has allegedly signed an agreement to legalize gay marriage if voted into power in 2019.

According to the Young Christians Forum in Nigeria, the alleged agreement, which was a pre-condition for him to get the support of some pro-LGTB nations, also required him to repeal the same sex marriage act in Nigeria.

The group, through its National President, Rev Hosea Adam Damut, at a press conference held on Saturday, claimed that they chose a neutral meeting point so that no one would expect that such sacrilegious act will take place in a country that is not tolerant of these grave sins.

According to Damut, “Unfortunately, much of the reactions about this meeting have been misplaced. The focus has been on the political and monetary ramifications of the meeting, which we see as consistent with a generation taken over by mammon and the love of material gains that we present as interest in the economy. This is a lie of the devil.

“True to the diabolical intention masked by the said meeting, people close to the team have been reported to have said they decided on holding the meeting far away from Nigeria because they did not want the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to eavesdrop on their deliberations.

“But the reality that has emerged is that it is the entire people of Nigeria that they did not want to know the content of his deliberations, which is why he went beyond the shores of the land. He avoided Nigeria because of the poison that he is concocting for the country.

“We are however taken aback that a frontline presidential candidate has signed an agreement to legalize gay marriage. The agreement, which was a pre-condition for him to get the support of some pro-LGTB nations, also require him to repeal the same sex marriage act in Nigeria.

“We find it most irresponsible that anyone from Nigeria will accept the legalization of same sex marriage as part of concessions he will make to become President of Nigeria, this is seeking power at all cost and at any cost.

“The Young Christian Forum of Nigeria is alarmed that anyone on this earth could compromise the true African and custom of our people by giving in to Satan. This is worse than selling Nigeria’s birth right for a mess of pottage. This is a clear case of inviting God’s wrath on Nigerians.

“We categorically warn against this agreement that has been signed as it will bring doom upon Nigeria. He should publicly renounce the agreement signed and the endorsement by the homosexual group in Nigeria. Nothing on earth is worth incurring the wrath of our creator. He should find other issues that he can employ to endear himself to foreign backers without dragging Nigeria deeper into sin. He can take a look at these countries that have endorsed same sex marriage and see that they are already reaping the wages of their sins.

“The Young Christian Forum of Nigeria is therefore calling on men and women of good faith and Nigerians of all religious persuasion to unequivocally speak against any candidate that is out to promote same sex marriage in our country. It is in our understanding that even Islam forbids same sex marriage and the indigenous faiths in the land have no place for same. Those planning to implement this in Nigeria should speak up now so that we know where they stand before it is too late.

“We appeal to those criticizing the meeting from the economic and political perspectives alone to open their eyes to the real danger. For when God is displeased with a nation, neither its politics nor its economy can save it. Everything will be in desolation and the people shall have cause to gnash their teeth.”


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