Women should be given better opportunities

CNPP women nigeriaIt is clear that in our history, no woman has emerged president in Nigeria. Across the various political parties in Nigeria, women have repeatedly played very important positions in championing the causes of these platforms. Unfortunately, however, the needed women representation in top political and public positions has not been forthcoming. This should not be; women are needed to complement efforts in the provision of qualitative leadership in the country.

It is indeed insulting and particularly demeaning when women are declared incompetent to hold public office when they have not been given the necessary space to put their potential to test. The era of globalisation is here and we need to put in all that we have in building the Nigeria of our dream.

Both sexes have important roles to play in improving the chances of our dear nation to proper nationhood. The world over, women are being recognised as critical stakeholders in the emergence of better societies. History, both recent and distant, has proven quite frankly that women were responsible for building civilisations and establishing industries. Examples abound of the all-important roles that women play and have played in time past.

Psychologically, women have been adjudged better administrators given their calm demeanour; equally they have been declared shrewd finance managers. Yet it is disturbing that the pride of place that they should occupy is yet to be wholly guaranteed.

Babalola Blessing Opeyemi, 09075049918.



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